Wednesday, January 02, 2013

We Need Friendship to Fill up the Imperfections

The great British writer G. K. Chesterton said, “because our expression is imperfect, we need friendship to fill up the imperfections.” And not just as Mollymook at Christmas but most of the year ...

Books are made of words, and sometimes the words themselves are a curiosity. Here’s why there’s a ‘b’ in the word ‘doubt’ Dou(b)t ; Scott Esposito on Jacqueline Raoul-Duval’s Kafka in Love: “…blends historical fact with novelistic whimsy. Kafka in Love


For the many of us who work sitting for prolonged periods , the health impacts of workplace inactivity are looking none too good. We gotta stand and move more. The whole office work set up is ripe for a reframe, and the upright work movement is just one more reason to mix things up... From my Malchkin

Twelve months stretch ahead of us, each with a character of its own. In our latest Big Question, six writers choose their favourite. For Charles Nevin, opening the series, it has to be a month that offers compelling contrasts...

THE BEST MONTH IS MAY; [Positive visualization helps us "see" ourselves in winning situations. It can motivate the actions and feelings we need to get to where we want to be, and psych us up for what's ahead. Visualizing can help us run further, push harder and perform better. This is especially helpful if you're feeling tired or deflated. The Mind’s Eye: But what is wrong with Misery and Failure? The stuff that Cold rivers are made of… ; One thing that has really stood out for me this year is how much people are getting "lost in the unnecessary". People are sharing more online but not in proportion to the amount of new ideas we should be creating. Focusing on the important, not the urgent, will ensure that you do things right. And if you fail, you'll be able to fix it faster too Win More With Less]

• · A teacher with only months to live has embarked on a journey across the US to find out whether he really made a difference in his former students' lives. Dying teacher asks if he made a difference ; Hurricane Sandy. Kate Middleton’s topless pics came in at No. 2 What we watched, read and said in 2012

• · · In a spirit of Christmas I link to a founder and a chief mocker of politics and all things ironic in the land of the Queen: This is our 13th Christmas of publishing On Line Opinion. Since 1999 we've published over 14,435 separate articles from 4,322 people every working day of the week. Our work ethic will be no different this week, so while you're hopefully taking a break the presents from us should keep appearing all week. Thanks for your support during the year. Look forward to travelling through 2013 together. Between us we've created something unique and durable in Australian online publishing. Graham Young; Lyonette Louis-Jacques: "The Chicago Association of Law Libraries (CALL) Government Relations Committee recently published the following free guide to researching Illinois law - Finding Law: A Librarian's Guide for Non-Lawyers (December 2012)."

• · · · Keywords and search queries "One of the best ways to ensure that your site appears for particular user queries is to make sure that your article naturally contains the words, names, and figures that are central to a particular news story. Google FAQ ; AVG - How to Choose How You’re Tracked AVG Official Blog: "All the latest versions of the major browsers today include do-not-track user preference controls, but these merely express your wishes. Many third-party sites will honor your request, but many don’t. And they only let you decide whether you want to block online tracking or not. AVG offers a do-not-track feature in its AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. AVG takes it a step further by allowing you to customize your blocking preferences at a granular level. Permanent Identifiers - One company to be aware of is BlueCava. Unlike cookies, which can be blocked or removed, BlueCava provides tracking technology that allows sites to permanently identify whatever device you’re using to connect to the web. The good news is, you can opt-out by going to , but you have to connect using each device you want to remove from their system." AVG Official Blog:

• · · · · The question becomes, is it possible to set up a system for learning from history that's not simply programmed to avoid the most recent mistake in a very simple, mechanistic fashion? Is it possible to set up a system for learning from history that actually learns in our sophisticated way that manages to bring down both false positive and false negatives to some degree? That's a big question mark. How To Win At Forecasting; Art Kleiner, editor-in-chief of Strategy+Business magazine, joined me as we presented research casting new light on conventional thinking many of us have about buzz. Significantly, we're finding out that what makes ideas contagious has more to do with how we think about ideas than what we want to achieve with them. The "virality" of ideas is driven by people liking and passing on information specifically because we think others will enjoy or appreciate it. Be an Information DJ

• · · · · · Professionals and knowledge workers are working harder than ever, and are likely putting in 50 or more hours a week into their jobs. But this is occurring on their terms, their schedules, and at locations of their choosing 6 reasons why a ‘four-hour workweek’ is on the horizon; Why We Blab Our Intimate Secrets on Facebook Knowledge