Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2013

“ Little things are great to little men. ”
— Oliver Goldsmith

Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2013 Via - Marcus P. Zillman's new research focuses on Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2013, comprising in the vicinity of 1 trillion pages of information located in various files and formats that the current search engines cannot find, or have difficulty accessing. Some of the more comprehensive search engines have written algorithms to search the deeper portions of the world wide web by attempting to find files such as .pdf, .docx, .xls, ppt, .ps. and others. These files are predominately used by businesses to communicate within their organization or to disseminate topical information and work product to customers and potential clients. Searching for this information using deeper search techniques and the latest algorithms allows researchers access to a vast amount of actionable corporate information and intelligence. Research has also shown that even deeper information can be obtained from these files by searching and accessing the "properties" information on these files. Marcus Zillman

“The past beats inside me like a second heart.”
— J.B. in his Booker Prize winning novel, The Sea, 2005

The girl at the Grand Palais The adolescent obsession that inspired an influential yet neglected French classic. SAL PARADISE, hero of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”, carries only one book on his three-year travels across America. On a Greyhound bus to St Louis he produces a second-hand copy of “Le Grand Meaulnes”, stolen from a Hollywood stall. Entranced by the Arizona landscape, he decides not to read it after all. great gatsby etc

On this day in 1923 Jaroslav Hasek died, aged thirty-nine. Like Franz Kafka, his contemporary – both were born in 1883, and Kafka died at forty – Hasek lived in Prague and wrote of an absurdist nightmare, but the parallel doesn’t go much further. Hasek was poorly educated, nomadic, unemployable, a practical joker happiest in a crowd or spotlight, and his father was the farthest thing from omnipresent. Nor did they write similarly: The Good Soldier Svejk, the satiric WWI novel that made Hasek famous, is rollicking and episodic… Hasek's Good Soldier Svejk