Sunday, January 13, 2013

Media Dragons Profit From The Post-Scarcity Society

"Marry, sir, they praise me and make an ass of me; now my foes tell me plainly I am an ass; so that by my foes, sir, I profit in the knowledge of myself."
~Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

"As one grows older, one becomes wiser and more foolish (Like Pushkin or Media Dragon)"
-François de La Rochefoucauld, Réflexions ou sentences et maximes morales

The act of writing may serve as confession or as a narrative of one's internal struggle with inner or outer oppressive forces, and may function as part of the author's process of healing or survival. As Pam Brown writes in the anthology The Stories We Hold: Tales of Women's Spiritual Development (1986), “I am writing to save my life.” Confessional Nonfiction

Forget what you’ve heard: Print is not dead, e-books are not the future, or at least not the only future. Old-fashioned books are back Books are back. St. Francis of Assisi was humble, disciplined, genial, and wary of book learning Imrich and Broke

So you think the brain is a well-ordered machine? It’s not. In fact, it’s anarchy. The Well-tempered mind, says Daniel Dennett, is an achievement Not the Norm

Friendship is protean – and vital. It’s the nectar of life. Who else is going to listen to you prattle on about your interminable work issues ... Nectar of Life Steve and Christopher ...

The post-scarcity society. Keynes predicted that it would be here by now, that leisure would replace work. Suppose such a utopia were feasible; would we want it? John Quiggin an Aussie with a kind heart