Saturday, January 05, 2013

Digital Rivers: A Bit Too Far

TIME's annual tribute to the best in blogging covers everything from the economics of gadgets to the Civil War River to Cold War River Pundits keep predicting that blogging will die off, a victim of Facebook, Twitter and other simpler methods of self-expression. But the blog is still thriving; it’s just evolving. Today’s blogs offer everything from serious investigative journalism to silly photos, and they’re created by everyone from talented amateurs to staffers at some of the world’s largest media companies. We picked 25 gems, focusing on ones that aren’t yet household names. Once you’ve checked out our favorites, let us know about yours in the comments 25 Best Blogs 2012; Top 100 Blogs - 1 to 25 - Technorati ; Vale: Newsweek publishes its final print edition

The Battle of the Blogs Dreaming of the Cold War

I’m thoroughly enjoying the playground spat between the USA and Russia The Americans have remains banned Russians with dodgy human rights records ; from visiting the country, but have no such objection to travellers from Iran, Pakistan or Somalia dropping by, no matter how psychopathic they might be. In retaliation, the Russkies have voted to halt their most valuable export to the USA – that of small Russian children, who are used by middle class Americans as mantelpiece ornaments and garden furniture. I assume that adopting a little black child from, say, Malawi, is now considered a little de trop.

Whatever, there seems to be a yearning, on both sides, for this row to be ratcheted up as far as it can possibly go, with tit for tat acts of spite flung hither and thither. I think they both miss the comforting certainties of the Cold War, an agreeably simpler time. It does seem to me that the Russians are more sinned against than sinning in this particular dispute. I fear they were also more right than wrong in their stance over Syria.

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