Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gday Pub 1: Paddo aka Paddington Inn (2013 AD)

This 1850s pub hasn’t changed much outside and I gather that is why Malchkeon wanted to explore it from inside ;-) it’s a place where our tour of Sydney pubs began in MMXIII AD

The Aussie pub is a cultural icon. Paddington in Sydney’s east is a precinct pub-rich with some of Sydney’s most well-known and loved watering holes. The Paddington Pub Precinct is to celebrate the humble pub with the inaugural launch of the Paddington Pub Fest over four days from 14 to 17 February 2013.

Pubs are an integral part of Australia's history, providing a stopping point for many thirsty travellers seeking a cold beer, a meal or a bed for the nigh. In Australia, just about every pub likes to play up its heritage. . Of course, half of the pubs peddling this tired old 'historic pub' schtick are doing so purely because they've been standing for 40 or 50 years and that makes them stand out from the new, modern and popular bar across the road. The Australian pub is a direct descendant of the British and Irish public house Before you order you should know what you are asking for common terms you might need to use in an Aussie Pub

Cultural observers, pub patrons and hospital industry insiders say a changing market is forcing old school schnitzel-and-schooner front bars to be replaced by speakeasy dens and themed small bars. Dart boards and beer signs are being rapidly replaced by vintage kitsch posters and smartphone apps are turning underground establishments into mainstream drinking holes

In Sydney the old pub atmosphere is thriving again... The Paddington Inn is one of Sydney's best known pubs. Located at the top end of Oxford Street, the 'Paddo' is in the heartland of Sydney's best shopping strips. At Paddington Inn you may name your poison… Whether it’s fashion, food, fine wines, beers or cocktails in a freshly revamped space, the Paddington Inn has it all. Except for pokies. And that’s just the way regulars and newcomers to Sydney’s best boutique pub like it

An icon, the Paddington Inn is one of Sydney's original gastro pubs. The place buzzes on week nights and is particularly happening on Saturday afternoons when a hip crowd shoots pool or pulls up stumps by the large windows to watch the fashion parade walk by. Set in a beautiful old building, the Paddington Inn features snug booths, plush couches, window seats and an upstairs terrace, the look is sleek and modern without sacrificing the warmth of a historic pub. The courtyard blends seamlessly with the back bar to create a breezy outdoor feel. One of Australia's original gastro-pubs, the Paddington Inn serves up high quality food for lunch and dinner in a relaxed sophisticated setting. The hotel also has a busy bottleshop, serving a boutique range with weekly specials
Address details: 338 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021 Phone: (02) 9380 5913
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