Sunday, May 03, 2009

Water water and cold rivers everywhere ...

Ach, It took me 5 years (even more as I spent some time away from Bondi - in Prague and Sunshine Coast) to become the real long service iceberger. As our cheeky Lofty says The Bondi Icebergs are the part of winter swimming club with the strictest attendance requirements for their members ... So winter is here and the ice is calling this very Sunday morning

You were four years old (not 18 or so)

I picked you up from Belle Hill child care.

You were excited about learning to dance flaminco that day.

Walking home you told me all about it.

You were so excited

Then you got quiet and said,

I love you - Daddy

The moment of you and Vella froze in my memory.


Dojo Cuts feat. Roxie Ray aka Sasha. She dreamed the dream. She had to, didn't she. She just had to dance the dream. Sing it, be it, live it, dream the dream and have the dream dream her. And landing a deal as Sydney’s Got Talent Our Music is a secret order

Portrait of Dojo Cuts Songstress, Sasha

Music is something very essential in life. In Prague and in Sydney good music is spreading everywhere - if you go to a wedding, a funeral, you have music. It's not just entertainment; it is food for your soul. Place to be and to hear. Dojo wants to see if we dare to be vulnerable and let our guards down and just feel the music. And if we do, maybe something magical will happen. Some of it sounds like something out of a Fellini movie Dojo + Cuts grooves on the soul in the blues

Dojo Cuts it at Sydney Underground A Night at the Jazz Rooms with Russ Dewbury @ The Basement 29 Reiby Place, Sydney - 9 May 2009 AD at 9 PM Late and Live