Sunday, May 31, 2009

So much happiness was derived by Chchi Bella and Czch Czhh Boom Sasha from the Cooper Park sliding hill. This hill was our playground from 1991 to 2000 Crater

Is there a formula for a good life? For 72 years, researchers have followed 268 men through war, career, marriage and divorce, and old age What Makes Us Happy? Did Google Earth find Media Dragon Happy?

World peace for your eyes only Waiting for the other shoe to drop
Everyone likes to talk about how young families are revitalizing big cities. The truth of migration patterns tells another story. The sustainable city of the future will rest on the revival of traditional institutions that have faded in many of today’s cities

Ellen Moncure and Joe Wong first met in school and then fell in love while living in the same dorm at the College of William and Mary. After graduation, they got married and, in 1999, moved to Washington, D.C., where they worked amid a large community of single and childless people.

The Luxury City vs. the Middle Class; [Ron Rosenbaum loves airport best-sellers: “I see them as our Nostradamuses, literary canaries in the dark coal mines of our paranoia.” His latest find... Our nuclear fantasies have gotten more hard-core; Literary tourism. Even Shakespeare’s place of birth is a Victorian construct, a phony home for an aspiring bard, a taste of “merrie olde England” 'You've Read the Book, Now Take a Look! ]
• · The Cirkus of Totalitarianism looks back at communism from a variety of angles Acute history; Where have all the Muses gone? Platonic ideals, goddesses, mistresses, lovers, and wives whom poets and painters called on for inspiration? Not a good sign for the arts Where Have All the Muses Gone?
• · The Soloist is a sentimental film that makes cheap use of a remarkable book about an encounter with the problems of a homeless, mentally ill musician... 'The Soloist': an extraordinary duet; “Parents have no lasting influence on their children’s personalities or on the way they behave outside the home.” Judith Rich Harris’s thesis still shocks. It’s time to move beyond the nature/nurture divide
• · · Einstein, Salvador Dali, Tony Hancock, and Beach Boy Brian Wilson have little in common, except creative genius. And maybe psychosis. Creativity goes hand in hand with mental illness; Underdogs. When Vivek Ranadivé decided to coach his daughter’s basketball team, he chose to speak to the girls calmly, to convince them with reason and common sense. It was as if there were a kind of conspiracy in the basketball world about the way the game ought to be played
• · · · MICHAEL Stephen Lange is Teflon on wheels: in his 34 years, the former nominee member of The Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang has had 33 brushes with the law. But not once has he been convicted on a charge associated with the serious crimes of which he has been accused Teflon 1; For global companies who use tax havens to route investments, the era of a tax-free ride may soon be over. Tax havens mostly cater to two kinds of clients: Businesses, who set up subsidiaries in order to legally benefit from a tax-free status; and individuals, who illegally stash cash here in order to evade taxes in their home countries. On May 5th, Obama referred to one building in the Cayman Islands that housed more than 18,000 companies as either the largest building in the world or the world's largest tax scam. Obama's initiatives are hardly surprising Teflon 2
• · · · · Finally, NSW Government financial incentives have helped ensure a third instalment of the Nine Network's Underbelly series will be shot in Sydney. Underbelly is an AFI and Logie Award-winning 13-part Australian television mini-series, retelling the real events of the 1995–2004 gangland war in Melbourne. The series is based on the book Leadbelly: Inside Australia's Underworld, by The Age journalists John Silvester and Andrew Rule. Underbelly is produced by the Australian Film Finance Corporation, in association with Film Victoria.The executive producers are Des Monaghan and Jo Horsburgh. The lead-up to Underbelly involved a heavy marketing campaign which covered radio, print, billboards and an increased online presence, including the use of social networking tools. KINGS Cross nightclub entrepreneur John Ibrahim saw the television potential in the story years ago - Forget Melrose Place - John Ibrahim said in 1996, referring to the blockbuster drama of the decade. "The Royal Commission is a better soapie Dark underbelly ; Sydney's underbelly stirs with a vengeful attack on the Ibrahim family. Les Kennedy, Leesha mckenny and Peter Hawkins report from the scene Underbelly 3
• · · · · · The Matthew Johns-Sharks affair is a story about the power of broadcast media, rather than about the morality of footballer culture Peddling outrage and disgust; A pair of executives for a one-time hedge fund to the stars has been charged with setting up bogus tax shelters for their clients. Jeffrey Greenstein, the former CEO of Seattle-based Quellos Group, and Charles Wilk, a principal of the firm, were indicted last week on tax fraud, wire fraud and money laundering charges. According to prosecutors, Greenstein and Wilk designed a tax shelter scheme that offered clients stock that had depreciated in value in order to offset large capital gains. But authorities say the shares never existed; a Senate investigation in 2006 found that Quellos created the bogus tax shelters with some $9.6 billion in phony securities transactions Ex-Hedgies Accused In Tax Shelter Scam