Saturday, May 23, 2009

Generation Y's assumed technological lead over earlier generations is being challenged. Both young and old alike only skim what they read online - but this is more a problem for the 'digital natives' who lack the information assessment skills of those trained to use conventional libraries. Books tell us that the first tax collectors in Australia were military men. One early collector was Captain John Piper, who as a naval officer in Sydney was responsible for overseeing the collection of customs and excise duties. His job allowed him to skim some off the top and he became one of the wealthiest men in the colony. To his credit, he did not harass tax debtors but was even known to invite them to dine at his mansion, which gave rise to the name of the suburb Point Piper. History section of the Daily Terror notes why STAFF of the Australian Taxation Office must cringe every time a treasurer delivers a budget The pay can be good but the work is taxing- Budgets beget expenses and inevitably the taxman cometh

I'll take Sydney to a brick: Golden years on hold with no silver lining Digital natives: Pathways to wisdom
As Nick Samios blogged recently, the ASX is expected to shortly launch a residential property “derivatives” market based on the RP Data-Rismark Hedonic Indices.

Have to say, I don't mind the punt, and the SMH last week reported on a new way for me to part with my "hard earned". Soon we all might be able to trade derivative contracts based on indices compiled by Rismark/RPData and to be quoted daily on the sharemarket This style of derivative has been dreamed about for a long time. Many a banker I am sure would be wishing "if only we had this a few years back" as they tearfully tear up more and more money at MIP (mortgagee in possession) auctions.
If you want to find out more about this, try contacting RP Data’s Research Director, Tim Lawless, at

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