Thursday, May 21, 2009

The best antidote to global capitalism is global imagination. Imagination is not administratable …

Tonight my imaginative wife and I listened to Stefan Aust who in 1985 wrote The Baader Meinhof Complex

Spending so much time socialising via SMS, Facebook, email, YouTube, blogs, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr, Twitter, 12Seconds, RSS Feeds, Digg or Friendster is not good for us. Technology is taking away our privacy and our concentration but it is also taking away our ability to be alone. Though I shouldn't say taking away. We are doing this to ourselves; we are discarding these riches as fast as we can Social notworking?

Love Thy Neighbour ;-) Bronte sleuth finds Ponzi link to Biden
There is a article about me and about the Bronte Capital blog in the Sydney Morning Herald today. It mentions that I diagnosed the economic problems in Eastern Europe by analysing the price of hookers. That is true as far as it goes – though the original post was more nuanced than that.

JOHN HEMPTON, a former Platinum Asset Management banking analyst-turned-financial blogger living in Bronte; [Bronte Capital; Story of our lives ]
• · Robert Higgs clears away many misconceptions surrounding a turbulent era that continues to shape today's headlines Depression, War, and Cold War ; Sadly the we appear unable to learn from history Afghanistan: it happened once before ...
• · WE'VE heard of disaffected employees dissing their erstwhile company, but in this case can we "blame" former CEO Graham Kelly for sparking yesterday's share rally of up to 115 per cent? Responding to the ASX sheriffs, Novogen referred to a blog recently established by an ex-employee. The site in question is Kelly's Musings; THE Australian Taxation Office has moved against wealthy West Australian businessman Phillip Grimaldi, hitting him with a $35 million tax bill as part of Project Wickenby, the nation's largest tax probe Tax office hits Grimaldi with $35m Wickenby bill ; Country by country: a case study. Tax Research UK - Richard Murphy. A case study to explain How country by country reporting can work; Something pernicious is going on in the undergrowth. British tax havens are trying to establish clear blue water between their activities and those of their commercial rivals in Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. This is based on lies. Journalists please note: trusts are even more secretive than bank accounts and trusts are used in virtually all sophisticated tax evasion structures. When a PR person representing a tax haven claims it is transparent, simply ask them to take you straight away to the office of the registrar of trusts - and see how far that gets you. Lies, damned lies and tax haven nonsense ; How tax havens helped to create a crisis
• · · Imported plain cotton pillow cases from France that cost more than $900 apiece and new bulldozers exported to Venezuela that cost $387 each. Such prices seem highly suspect -- and could be examples of someone using international trade to launder money Money launderers wash billions through international trade ; In recent years some tax havens, the Crown Dependencies, for example, claim that they have taken effective steps in the direction of making trusts and offshore companies more transparent. Time to tackle the offshore trusts ; The pseudo-investigations into the banking crisis are being run by firms with a History of unsavoury financial arrangements
• · · · Have we reached an obsession tipping point with our fears? Shark attacks, avian flu, swine flu, SARS, terrorists ... what next? Living in fear ; Once it was proved that the atomic bomb worked, men discovered reasons to use it The USA’s unique deadly sin
• · · · · When an Anthrax scare hit the Department of Human Services in Virginia's Arlington County in 2002, Christopher David, then the county's chief technology officer, sprang into action. "I knew there was a person who could help us [respond]," he says. "But I didn't remember his name or how to contact him." Rather than waste precious time searching through hundreds of documents housed on his desktop or in file cabinets, David opened his mind mapping application from PersonalBrain, entered a few keywords and, within moments, had the information he needed. In many mind mapping applications, you start with a central thought or idea, then add branches—or subcategories—to break down the topic. These subcategories could be thoughts or include links referencing more information, PDFs you can upload or reports to reference. There are plenty of applications to choose from out there, from to Freemind ; MindMeister
• · · · · · The tale of how Greenpeace and McDonalds came together in Brazil reflects the complexities of a globalised economy Can a fast food company save the Amazon?; Putting trust in an engaged section of the public might be reciprocated by increased public trust in our political system Trust an engaged public; The establishment of the Office of the Information Commissioner is a key element of the Government's Freedom of Information ('FOI') reforms. The Government will provide $20.5 million over four years to establish and run the Office of the Information Commissioner. The Office will be a new statutory agency within the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio, supporting two new independent statutory office holders - the Information Commissioner and the Freedom of Information Commissioner. The Privacy Commissioner will also be incorporated in the new Office, bringing the functions of information privacy protection and FOI together in the new agency Budget measures: promoting integrity and accountability