Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Like millions of people around the world, I have thrilled to the phenomenon of escape ... Why should anyone care a fig about my happy Contemporary Birthday ;-)

It has been a week filled with exchanging stories with the future Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull. Characters who live and love bondi such as Terry Burke are helping me to place the Cold River on the silver screen ... While the next chapter in my antipodean book is peppered with Mal who steals my entire heart ... Indeed, all we need is LOVE ...

Anyway, this six minute video shows comedian Judson Laipply recreating my childhood, teenagehood and adulthood - enjoy the history of contemporary dance, starting with Elvis's pelvis move and working up through time, with stops for Saturday Night Live, Walk Like an Egyptian, AC/DC, and Ice Ice Baby. Evolution of Dance: Comedy history of dance in six minutes

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: Newshound turns over a new leaf
Former 60 Minutes reporter Jennifer Byrne will host a book review program for ABC television.

Byrne, best known for her hard-hitting current affairs reports, will present the series First Tuesday Book Club with a panel of authors, experts and book-lovers from next month.
"I love news and current affairs, it's my background . . . but for some time it's been dawning on me that I'm not made for just one category," Ms Byrne said.

I'm very evangelical about books [ Happy (5th) Birthday to us! openDemocracy greetings ; Here are the top and bottom ranked places to have a child according to 2006 Mother's Index. ; ]
• · Diana York Blaine, a women’s studies professor at USC, decides to post topless photos of herself on the Internet. Feminist Professor Exposed ... Literally ; Is there now a backlash against sex for pleasure? For instance, consensual sex outside a relationship? I believe there is. But I believe the societal and ethical arguments against sex for pleasure are very weak. Pro-choice, pro-sex? Who’s afraid of sex for pleasure? ; How AIDS Changed America: The plague years: It brought out the worst in us at first, but ultimately it brought out the best, and transformed the nation. The story of a disease that left an indelible mark on our history, our culture and our souls AIDS at 25
• · · Who among the myriad celebrities, politicians, culture heroes who’ve graced the pages of Rolling Stone during its 39-year history would get on the cover of the magazine’s 1000th issue? Whoever made the final cut, it was Michael Elins’s unique skills that would put them all compellingly together. Mac of Being Different; Neal Preston is to rock and roll what Norman Parkinson was to fashion or Richard Avedon to portraits Iconography
• · · · Are we allergic because of pollution? Because we wash our hands too much? There's a surprising lack of consensus as to why allergies are on the rise. Our allergies, ourselves ; It is becoming increasingly clear that the age of revolutions is not over. It's becoming equally clear that the global revolutionary movement in the twenty first century, will be one that traces its origins less to the tradition of Marxism, or even of socialism narrowly defined, but of anarchism. An essay on Power and Revolution: The Anarchist Century. ; Jesus: A conspiracy vaster than anything in The Da Vinci Code You're Already Part of the Phenomenon
• · · · · Teenage boys have feelings, too, and when it comes to matters of the heart, they may not be so fleeting after all. Not far beneath the bravado often on display is an unsure adolescent who finds it hard to express emotions that, while new, are nonetheless often sincerely felt. Affairs of the heart matter to boys, too, sociologists find ; Sex is essential, kids aren't: Why are 30% of German women choosing to go childless? Sex is essential, kids aren't ; Sean Thomas’s Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You, does women a service by revealing what it is to be a 21st-century man. Once, during my schlep across the Sinai of celibacy, I caught myself looking at a ‘naked’ mannequin in a shop window. With lust Sex, lust, fantasy and the truth about men ; College men offered sex on a plate are reportedly having trouble getting hard. Do men really need to chase women down to get it up? Do loose chicks sink dicks?; Oral and anal sex increasing among teens
• · · · · · Terence Kealey reviews The Egg and Sperm Race by Matthew Cobb. The soil in which the seeds rooted ; And only now, 370 million years later, do we see that one of those fish sat at the base of a huge branch of the Tree of life ; Maurice Blanchot's theory of the "infinite distance" inherent in friendship Neighbours from afar