Saturday, May 27, 2006

I cannot expect anyone else to understand why I feel so passionate about Sydney. Because, looking back and comparing my childhood time in High Tatra and amazing teenage years holidays with my two sisters Lidka and Eva in Prague it does not make sense to me either. I might even want to be buried with all my native and exiled friends here ;-) One reason could be that Sydney is getting friendlier as it gets older. It also has amazing sons like Andrew Tink who love the city to million pieces. No one is as keen on Sydney history as Andrew is and is so proud to show her off to Americans.Andrew was among the audience last night at the Town Hall and today I shared a wonderful conversation on the log over coffees as we listened to the one Australian writer who wrote about the Czech hero/villain in Schindler's Ark. Andrew's manuscript about Lord Sydney is also shaping up as a great read! Tomorrow is the last day so consider invading the Warf area as Harbour Foreshores has peppered the Sydney Circular Quay with painters from all over Australia this weekend and the Warf Theatre is just totally bohemian stocked with best reds in the world ... Love Live Sydney