Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Geoff Mulgan is the ultimate New Labourite. He used to be head of policy at No 10 and founded the Blairite thinktank Demos The power of influence

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: Let's share Canada's vast wealth
Economic boom is boosting top salaries of wealthy CEOs at expense of working poor

There has been a monumental shift in mainstream economics over the past 40 years.
When we studied economics in the 1960s, economists and public officials who had an economics policy mandate identified a number of important national goals — full employment, rapid economic growth, a viable balance of payments and an equitable distribution of income. These goals were stated in the terms of reference of the Economic Council of Canada and repeated in the Council's First Annual Review of 1964, "Economic Goals for Canada to 1970."

Goals [ Corruption, most blatant at the local level, is still dragging the country down Brown envelopes ; ; ]
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• · · · Fashionable Guerrillas: For the Left, noble revolutionaries are always in style. Notwithstanding the political catastrophes of the twentieth century, the notion of the noble guerrilla persists on the left ; In his new book Europe as Empire, the Oxford academic Jan Zielonka has come up with a novel solution to the problem. Europe, he cheekily suggests, is best characterised not as a state at all but as a hulking great empire, a juggernaut movingly slowly but determinedly east and south. The European empire
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