Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm full of scandal and upset art, deceit and bitter divorce in Jozef Imrich's new novel - Breaking Free. As Moravian born Sigmund Freud once explained: Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate. Does "the one" really exist? Love may be blind, but it finds us all eventually
Do soulmates really exist? Can you have more then one soulmate during your lifetime? Originally, the answer was no. To be able to have a soulmate is not about finding someone better than everybody else, it is about being able to open yourself honestly and trustingly enough to let someone touch your heart and for you to touch theirs. However, in most cases we are so busy with trying to live up to someone else's ideals that it is far too risky to do that and consequently we move from unfulfilling relationship to unfulfilling relationship. Love will always be a mysterious magical unknown that nobody can fully explain. Fool Me Twice: From a night out on St Valentine’s Day to A love-hate story

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: Peter Carey learns the price of publicity
As a former ad-man, Carey should know that while you can bring a journalist to the PR water, that doesn't mean they'll lap it up. "There's an unholy alliance," he acknowledges to Susan Wyndham in The SMH. "I need you to write about me and you're going to do it in your way and then I'm going to complain about how you do it."

So he can hardly complain when Wyndham homes in on what she sees as the most interesting aspect of the story: parallels between Theft – a "divorce novel" – and Carey's own marriage break-up from theatre director Alison Summers. Carey refuses to play ball. "It's all sorts of novels ... Where did we start this interview? Is it about me? No." Determined to do it in her way, Wyndham speaks to Summers, who is more candid than her former husband – she wants to set the record straight on Carey's portrayal of her as a "career-obsessed spendthrift who claimed credit for his success", says Wyndham. According to Summers, "I finally saw that the man I thought I had married didn't exist". She has begun writing her own novel, Mrs Jekyll.

• I finally saw that the man I thought I had married didn't exist Theft: A Love Story [My Life As a Fake is predominantly driven by the notion that the power of the imagination is a sort of magical thing, that if you say something maybe it'll become truth Art and deceit meet in Carey's new novel ; Baldy was in a rage with the sand from La Perouse and, as always, it was personal, ie mountains had been born and broken - bloody rock, bloody tides, fish were dead, shells hollow, corals snapped like bones Love, lies and masterpieces ; Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with "sketch") The Author-izer]
• · Apple's iTunes music store is becoming one of the most powerful retailers in the world. Apple faces second attack of the clones Dominating the world ; Here we go again - sold down the river A perceptive article by James Kunstler reveals how many Americans with high five and six figure incomes need every penny of it to pay accumulated debts and ongoing obligations, and would be devastated if (when) it suddenly stopped. Living High on the Brink of Poverty
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• · · · The secret life of a murdered boxer and why it is set to spark a gang war. One of two men gunned down in what police fear may be the start of a new Sydney gangland war was under investigation by elite crime squad detectives Death of a hard man: Boxer's killing set to ignite gangland war ; Amazon profile of Freedom Lover
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• · · · · · Workers at a major government department have been banned from taking cigarette breaks during office hours – setting a precedent for workplaces nationwide Cig breaks banned ; I've written a lot about the importance of managing your career and how it's your single-biggest asset Maximizing Your Greatest Asset: Why Your Career is So Important