Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Naked Eye of the Sun Herald fame notes when Dianne Beamer, the Carr Government Minister, will make her long-awaited appearance at the Orange Grove inquiry before the ICAC. The two insiders, Alex Mitchell and Kerry-Anne Walsh, suggest that every leader at the Bear Pit is under threat at the very moment. The imminent departure of the premier Bob Carr for an overseas job is on the cards again. Karl Scully, Morris Iemma, John Watkins and Craig Knowles are some of the head-counters ready to dive at the starting blocks. Ach, a suggestion of duel between John Brogden and Barry O’Farrell is made. The question is who is challenging Andrew Stoner. There is a cameo entry about Belinda Neil, hurricane-tempered wife of John Della Bosca. Naughty and nice Peter Breen asks a thought-provoking question and another legal eagle named John Hatzistergos goes into climax with: Yes, yes, yes! So do Czech out page S(i)x exactly of the hardcore copy of the Sund Herald dated March S(i)x 2005 AD SMH

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: Messing With Heads
Imagine taking every single emotion, memory, experience, tablet all into one … and those fighting each other to see who is the victor

It just f… with your head. I had to sleep with a knife under my bed 'cos I used to think people were going to come in and bash me during the night or something. Just for me mull or something, yeah .. A whole generation of Australians has grown up believing that smoking pot is a harmless pastime.
They need to think again. The view of cannabis as a benign drug is under challenge – not from conservative family or religious groups but from the science and medical community.

Cannabis of Surreal Lives [Colonel Gaddafi says Libya & other countries will withdraw from the UN unless the Security Council is scrapped & its powers transferred to the motley rabble General Assembly. Crazy Gaddafi called the Security Council an ugly, forceful, & horrible instrument of dictatorship — an executioner’s whip with no appeal against its judgment, even if its judgment is unfair, biased & harmful Gadhafi Wants Libya, U.S. to Be Friends ; Bizarrely, Gaddafi has also applied for a seat on the dictatorial Security Council Thanks be to the Beautiful Atrocities ; Australia is a haven for criminals who launder drug money, according to a United States State Department's 2005 Narcotics Control Strategy Report Report warns of drug money ]
• · These days the pursuit of justice and democracy on a global scale is more difficult, yet arguably more pressing, now that the major threats to civility move below and above the nation state. Will the idea of ‘global civil society’ help us work out how to do it? On civil society ; When I heard that President Bush was being blamed for not caring if federal judges lived in fear, just 72 hours after the mother and husband of federal Judge Joan Lefkow were found slain, I wondered if I had time. You be the judge of Schakowsky's true intentions
• · · Robert Tickner served as Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Affairs in both the Hawke and Keating Labor governments. From 1990 to 1996 he was in the thick of the fray as these governments confronted a two century long legacy of neglect and discrimination, in circumstances which became increasingly bitter and divided Robert Tickner: Frequent Blood Donor and Current CEO ; What makes Joschka Fisher so sexy?
• · · · While political leaders keep muttering pieties about the joys of democracy, and why it should be forced on people at gunpoint, there are any number of cases where democratic traditions and principles are disappearing. So there he is, John Howard, as much in control of this country as Causcescu was in Romania. And far, far less likely to be toppled. The power of one: One-Legged Democracy; It’s easy to get crosswise with the United States. Just ask Qatar. In 1988 it was Stinger missiles-today it’s Al Jazeera Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy
• · · · · They say you can't understand people until you've walked a mile in their shoes. I just walked across Belgrade in a brand-new pair of Nikes The Sham Economy: Where the criminal underground beats aboveboard capitalism ; And it is possible that economists of the past few generations may have committed one of the greatest blunders in intellectual history An Important Emerging Economic Paradigm ; Costello and Carr trade blows over tax take
• · · · · · Anne Applebaum: The Soviet Gulag ; Pyrmont, like Vrbov, is named after a German spa town (Bad Pyrmont) near Hanover. Legend has it that in 1806 the landowner Captain John Macarthur held a picnic on the peninsula for some visiting Englishwomen. One of them remarked that the bubbling springs and rocky outcrops reminded her of the beautiful spa From heaven to hell in one easy walk