Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) just released a report stating that the total number of Australian internet subscribers topped 5.7 million – an increase of 520,000 from the previous six-month period Australia internet usage rises 10pc in 6 months
Assuming that a web search is the same as fossicking through a newspaper archive is the biggest research mistake search-engine expert David Hawking ever made. In 1993 he worked on the Parliamentary Sound Text and Image Environment (PASTIME), Federal Parliament's first electronic Hansard search engine of parliamentary debates. The challenge was to design a system for non-technical users. Experts muster a search party

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Gambling with Security
In this exclusive extract from his upcoming book, famed hacker Kevin Mitnick arms security managers against social engineers hacking their way to a free lunch.

In the summer of 2002, a security consultant whose handle is "Whurley" was hired by a resort group in Las Vegas to perform security audits. They were re-engineering their security and hired him to "try to circumvent any and all processes" to build a better security infrastructure.
On his first day, he approached a very relaxed employee and quickly found the person discussing details of his job. He told Whurley he lost his employee badge all the time, and would share a badge with another employee to get in for the free meals provided in the staff cafeterias.

• The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders & Deceivers (ISBN 0764569597) by Kevin D. Mitnick and William L. Simon goes on sale this week for $45.95. The Art of Intrusion [How many blogs were there in 1997? ; Bewildered by blogs? If you're wanting a better understanding of blogs, these sources may be useful ; Rebecca Blood Blog History ]
• · The Jeff Gannon affair has not yet morphed into a full-fledged political scandal, or retreated to the realm of embarrassing footnote, so this may be a good time to pause and reflect Gannon and the Bloggers ; This is comedy at it's best; mirroring society. He takes his shots at all bloggers too In this Rob Corddry segment on the "Secrets of New Journalism Success
• · · Who owns your desktop? You, or the owner of whatever webpage you happen to be browsing? Who Owns Your Desktop? You Do! ; One of the most popular individual bloggers discusses microcelebrity and his decision to go pro Bloggers who sell ads
• · · · via Crikey: Liars, cheats and cokeheads. I love tabloid journalists ; Piers Morgan puts some spin on the wrong axis
• · · · · Visit today to download info and enter to win a plasma TV. The language of the business culture, or "corporate lingo," took a dramatic turn with the advent of the word "software." What changed is history. Now, once again, techie lingo is teasing our communication skills and our corporate understanding ; Australia will never be able to create companies like Google, Sony, Nokia, Hilton, Unilever, Toyota, Shell or P&O as long as the economy is dominated by gouging cartels supported by a high-taxing limp-wristed government This list tells you everything that is wrong with Australian business
• · · · · · At a Suit's Core: Are Bloggers Reporters, Too? ; In any case, operating on the maxim that I will try almost anything once, I have decided to take the plunge. Besides... where else could I chat with the public without paying for ink or air time? Mayors are often called by several names; blogger might be one of the more benign monikers