Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ministerial drivers who quit their jobs did not have the temperament to cope with the long hours and pressure, Premier Bob Carr said today after two resignations in recent weeks. No room for bludgers in the workers party ;-) Ach, the true stories ministerial drivers cannot tell! Mr Carr said driving for a minister was hard work and involved long hours
In her 31 years at Ascham School, Rowena Danziger could never have imagined the office of headmistress would ultimately become a chamber of isolation. That the ensuing mutiny on Darling Point spilled over into Sydney's financial and legal worlds was inevitable, given the pedigree of the warring parties. Schoolyard showdown as Ascham's posh riots

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: The law is not finders keepers
It's too easy to blame a couple of bad kids for the Macquarie Fields riots. The reasons for the violence lie a lot deeper ... Much more than a matter of free will in the Fields of broken dreams Give yourself up Jesse, urges Carr Intellectuality usually means never having to say you're sorry

Mick Kennedy is angry. Not with the same scalding rage shown by the mob of teenagers on the streets of Macquarie Fields this week nor the disciplined fury of police officers forced to endure volleys of rocks and bricks, petrol bombs and insults.

Bob Carr has conceded that social disadvantage may have played a part in the riots at Macquarie Fields, promising to conduct an audit of government services in the public housing estate to determine their adequacy
When rage hits boiling point [It is so easy these days to be frame or to frame others. Collect hair or other easy DNA identification and Ole! Months later you will not be the same or the other person. It started as a tropical holiday with family and friends, but if the worst scenario unfolds it will end in front of a firing squad Weighing the evidence ; The case against young Australian Schapelle Corby in Bali raises more questions than answers Evidence lost and bungled could decide trial ]
• · Shays Holds Hearing on Overclassification ; House Committee on Government Reform, Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations, March 2, 2005 Emerging Threats: Overclassification and Psuedo-Classification ; The substitute for Robert Bork, Kennedy has wielded immense power in his years on the court The most powerful man in Washington?
• · · Bloggers somehow resist the urge to mock all those left wing, right wing political Marco Polos tripping over in print, which is hard. It's like trying to quit smoking. When political mismanagement is in spotlight, accountability flies out the window Inner City Councils of Destination: Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi ... ; David Seifman of the New York Post obtained city records to show that “more city workers are commuting in their government-owned cars, despite Mayor Bloomberg’s boast that his administration is slashing spending while maintaining services.” The number of civilian NYC employees who commuted in their city-provided cars increased 11 percent from 2003, even as the overall workforce increased only slightly. Peoples Cars & Lazy Bureau-rats ; Sheila McLaughlin of the Cincinnati Enquirer evaluated an Ohio program that requires drunk drivers to put special license plates on their vehicles, finding that “a year after Ohio started requiring the special tags, a sampling of more than 300 local cases and interviews with lawyers, judges, police officers and legislators indicate that the law is unevenly administered, enforced and monitored Driving without shame: Ohio's scarlet letter
• · · · Introduce sole driver rule for anyone under 20 years of age - punching peer pressure for P-platers Teenage Driver Fatal Accidents ; Trouble everywhere even among the Saint Surburbs A Decade of Hard Labor in NSW
• · · · · Police swooped on houses in the Sydney suburb of Macquarie Fields, arresting nine people and searching properties in the area that has been plagued by several days of riots Nine arrested with driver still on the run ; Hardly a black face on the Block - Sartor's vision for Redfern Sartorian Italians Only ; Too much gap between the have-nots
• · · · · · Hitler won atomic bomb race, but couldn't drop it ; Taking the Gloves Off With Respect to Greenspan — First, it was Senator Reid annd now, it's Paul Krugman Paul Krugman takes a look at the president's bagman: Mr. Greenspan: Deficits and Deceit