Sunday, February 16, 2003

The World is Not Afraid Say NO TO WAR and Yes to the War on Indifference:

Today’s world poverty and disease is the price of indifference. Yesterday’s ethnic cleansing is the price of indifference. And the terrorism that threatens us all is nothing more than the price of indifference.

Over a Million Take to the London Street...The largest peace demonstration ever

The price of indifference is now too clear to all around the world. There is no comparison between pushing Iraq out of Kuwait and invading...

And even Blix says hold the fire...

Will we today apply old maxim that prevention is better than cure and pledge to make the world safe for our children? Will we take a VOW and promise our children and our children’s children a world of peace and prosperity, a world of cooperation and compassion, a world free from hunger and oppression? In this global world, we will only achieve these goals for our own children as we work to realize them for children across the globe.