Friday, February 14, 2003

Tax Street Lamps and Taxes

While Certain business barons continue to believe, the best tax is the tax that someone else pays, taxes will remain the single most important policy issue in the world this century.
The establishment press in Washington reminds one of the old joke about a drunk who was looking for his keys under a street lamp. He had dropped the keys elsewhere, but the light was better under the streetlight.

· Means and Ways [Americans for Tax reform]

Dear Greedy Out-of-State Corporation: We understand you want to come here and not pay your fair share to support our ever-expanding public sector. I'd like to warn you that if you come here you'll be blamed for the pathetic academic performance of our public schools, as well as this state's high rates of drug abuse, illegitimate birth ...
· Greedy, out-of-state corporations [Review Journal]