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Internet peppered with media dragons and hobbyists: Publishing for Profit: Selecting the Best Publisher

Nothing lives long. Only the earth and mountains.

— Dee Brown, born in 1908

GREAT NEWS – NOW GET CRACKING ON TREATMENTS:  Scientists discover sources of Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, and OCD in bombshell study.

 US and Europe try to tame surveillance capitalism The Register

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Internet depends on unpaid labor of a small pool of hobbyists Guardian 

I’ll never stop blogging: it’s an itch I have to scratch – and I don’t care if it’s an outdated format

Publishing for Profit: Selecting the Best Publisher

Via LLRX – Publishing for Profit: Selecting the Best Publisher – Jerry Lawson offers his expert advise on how lawyers (and other ambitious people) can profit by publishing. One method is to begin by focusing on your desired result. What are the best publishers for you and your work product? Lawson offers a couple of ways to identify the potential publishers likely to provide the most benefit.