Monday, March 11, 2024

Screen Time Robs Average Toddler of Hearing 1,000 Words Spoken By Adult a Day

🇷🇺: 400 people arrested for social media posts 🇬🇧: 3300 people arrested for social media posts UK’s population is less than half that of Russia’s so is this a propaganda that Russia is less oppressive? Source is unknown - how many were executed in Russia one wonders

@YBWoke · 21h Just ask the Russian opposition leader. Oh right.

MATT TAIBBI:  America Enters the Samizdat Era. “The Internet, in other words, was being transformed from a system for exchanging forbidden or dissenting ideas, like Samizdat, to a system for imposing top-down control over information and narrative, a GozIzdat. Worse, while the Soviets had to rely on primitive surveillance technologies, like the mandatory registration of typewriters, the Internet offered breathtaking new surveillance capability, allowing authorities to detect thoughtcrime by algorithm and instantaneously disenfranchise those on the wrong side of the information paradigm, stripping them of the ability to raise money or conduct business or communicate at all.”

Tar, feathers.

Organiser of ‘white party’ in Sri Lanka apologises after backlash BBC

With the ingestible perfume, toilets will now smell good Turkish Economy 

Societies of perpetual movement aeon

Screen Time Robs Average Toddler of Hearing 1,000 Words Spoken By Adult a Day, Study FindsGuardian. They are losing not just language training but also development of interpersonal skills. 

Rich Countries Are Becoming Addicted to Cheap Labor WSJ. “Becoming”?

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