Friday, October 25, 2019

The Boss and King, together: The question continues to persist: What is Progress ...

Maverick Philosopher: Jack Kerouac Went Home in October

The Boss and King, together on the virtual road and river . . .

Music is – it's a repair shop. So I'm basically a repairman. And I'm trying to repair myself

Gayle King interviews Bruce Springsteen today and Friday on “CBS This Morning.” (Photo courtesy of CBS News)

Speaking of “CBS This Morning,” co-host Gayle King has a two-part interview with Bruce Springsteen starting today. Part two will run Friday. King talks to Springsteen about his new film “Western Stars,” his marriage and, of course, his long music career.

“There is no other job in the world where the same people you worked with at 18 — at 16, in some cases, you are working with when you're 70,” Springsteen told King. “There's no other line of work that I can think of — where that holds true. It's a pretty nice experience, you know? It's something that there's nothing else quite like it. It's very blessed.

It’s All Process

Nothing is ever over — and neither are you


Speech at Chatham House

Economic Secretary speech on illicit finance
The Economic Secretary delivered a speech at Chatham House on work to tackle illicit finance and combat economic crime
In my ministerial career I’ve spoken under the Chatham House Rule on more occasions than I can remember, but this is the first time I’ve been asked to speak in Chatham House itself, so it’s a great honour to be here today.

THE PIA REVIEW: How will Siri, Alexa, etc. and their infrastructure impact public service responsiveness to change and changing user needs?

Inside Story
Can a successful social investment model be used in aged care and elsewhere?

It seems ironic that an artist known to buck the system appears to be using that very system to assert rights.

Elvis Presley, She's Not You
Patsy Cline, She's Got You
Bob Dylan, She Belongs to Me.  Bootleg version, 5/7/65.  YouTuber comment:
Hazy, warm memories of listening to this on the Bringing It All Back Home album . . . with my sweet girl at an after-party in some guy's pad following a night at the Sink on the Hill in Boulder, 1965 . . . filtered, rosy light . . . youthful bliss before Vietnam . . .
Jefferson Airplane, She Has Funny Cars
Lesley Gore, She's a Fool
Zombies, She's Not There
Eric Clapton, She's Waiting