Thursday, February 21, 2019

MEdia Dragon boldly goes where no Dragon has gone before

Life is a lot like jazz. It’s best when you improvise.
 – George Gershwin.
Do not fear mistakes. There are none.
 – Miles Davis

Break the mold, do whatever the hell you want within your abilities. Don't overextend yourself to create a false appearance of wealth and success

- Candice Galek

Three friends, thirty years of shared secrets, one impulsive gesture .. and a terrible accident. When friendship goes bad, someone has to pay

Neither of us realized we had been living in a borderland all that time, a place where rules are too often unspoken, never declared. We didn’t understand there were passports and checkpoints involved. And that not all three of us would make it through.
Snow City: Cocaine the drug of choice in Sydney, according to Australia's sewers 
The Sydney Power 100: The 100 most powerful MEdia Dragons in Sydney ...

 COLLUSION: Why Are Apple and Google Offering a Saudi App That Tracks Women?

LawSites: “…Serena Wellen, senior director of research information at LexisNexis, revealed during a Legalweek media briefing that the legal research platform Lexis Advance will soon include chatbots to help guide users in their research. “Our goal is to make legal research more guided in a more conversational experience

Facebook’s data harvesting curbed by German regulator Handelsblatt

Some Workers Can Now Trade Vacation Time for Student Loan Relief Vice
Facing Opposition, Amazon Reconsiders NY Headquarters Site: Report Washington Post. Keep your fingers crossed!
U.S. Steel wins tax breaks from one of America’s poorest cities Reuters
Kleptocracy Is on the Rise in America Atlantic (
Finland Basic Income Trial Left People ‘Happier But Jobless’ BBC. “… these results have now raised questions about the effectiveness of such schemes.” Lexicon – “Browse thousands of words and phrases selected by Financial Times editors and suggest new terms for the glossary.” 

The literature of death

5 Ways That Adults Bully Each Other | Psychology Today

Stop the downgrading of informed debate in Australia  - Media Dragons

Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world.

dean wiles

Courtesy of Tyla from Kangaroo Island Bev Turner an animal lover with warmest heart

Turner Folly, Kangaroo Island | Emu Ridge

Kangaroo Island: The quirky cream castle -