Monday, January 01, 2018

For True Mindful Nature Lovers: The Peak at Mt Kanimbla

It was my father who introduced my brother and four sisters and I to the joys of the High Tatras Mountains. Although not strictly a mountaineer himself, he led us on “expeditions” into the wilds of the Popradsky Ladovy Stit  and ascents of summits such as the Rysy  and  Gerlachovský štít peak.

Speaking of amazing peaks, the Blue Mountains are named for the delicate azure haze that lingers along the region, which is actually a fine cloud of oil emitted by eucalyptus trees. The mystical mountains are a labyrinth of plateaus, gorges and gum trees

From yoga retreats and surfing breaks, to cycling tours and hiking trips, health-conscious travel has never been so popular.  With 'mindful movement' forecasted as being this year's go-to wellness trend by Health And Fitness Travel, luxury hotels, resorts spas and travel organisations are keen to provide for travellers wanting to broaden their experiences, without having to widen their waist belts.     8 Travel Trends You Need To Know In 2018

It doesn't matter who you talk to at the New Years Eve party  – foodies, hikers, mountain slickers, music fans, history buffs, culture vultures and more – everyone wants to experience the Antipodean magical mountains. In a crowded world increasingly choked with traffic, carbon emissions and electronic bleatings, these rare mountains can feel like a page from the past. In the Bluest of Hills, you will also encountered sublime poetry (thanks to Henry Lawson who scribbled away in a sod-roofed cabin here more than a century ago).

If you're bored in The Mesmerising Blue Mountains, czech (sic) for a pulse. It's the world in the creative community – sublime street theatre, top-notch musicians, dining and arts, and an irresistible energy.
Capertee Valley: Australia's own Grand Canyon - Note that  the American GRAND CANYON is not the largest canyon in the world, it is only the one that sits largest in the world's collective mind ... Yet another antipodean hidden gem called caper tee is just a short drive from the Peak ;-) 

  The Blue Mountains' Autumn’s true glories are experienced through trees: the turning of leaves from greens to fiery yellows and reds; the wine-black clusters of berries and gum nuts on drooping branches; the musty smell of leaf litter as shafts of sun streak the damp earth...

A hidden travel gem, The Peak, provides the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, or to simply escape and unwind at every season not just at Autumn ...
World heritage backdrop – tick. Zen-inspired accommodation – tick. This ‘luxury wellness adventure chalets’ set against Antipodean stunning Southern Tatras aka Alps ticks a lot of lovely boxes ...

With an increasing appetite for adventure secluded spots are high on the traveller's radar in 2018. Simplicity is the latest pursuit for travellers suffering from information overload.  Curated, artisanal and authentic experiences still matter, but a much bigger trend will be travelling for pure calm, ease and total decompression.

Eagle chalet

Eagle chalet
Perched on the highest point in the Kanimbla valley, Eagle has breathtaking panoramic views across to the Blue Mountains escarpment.
Wallaby chalet

Wallaby chalet

Wallaby chalet
North facing and boasting spectacular views across the Kanimbla Valley, Wallaby has a more private and intimate setting.
This small exclusive retreat for couples is situated on the western slopes of the Blue Mountains in Little Hartley, holding the highest point in the Kanimbla Valley; less than two hours from Sydney yet an eternity away from the hustle and bustle. Conveniently located midway between Katoomba and Jenolan Caves, The Peak is the perfect base for exploring some of Australia's most scenic locations.
Immerse yourself in peaceful relaxation. Share the spectacular views with native wildlife such as kangaroos and eagles. Relax in your private hot tub spa as you soak in the views or enjoy a therapeutic massage by the fireplace. Total seclusion is yours to enjoy ...

Idea: To Help Girls Stay In Love With P.E. Class, Teach Boys Ballet And Zumba

That's not the only idea, of course, but: "Offering a full range of activities will help to combat the stereotypes and 'cultural norms' that are putting girls off sport before they reach junior school, according to Ruth Holdaway, who is chief executive of Women in Sport. In addition to giving female pupils the option to play cricket and football,'boys should also be asked what they want, and given the opportunity to do a zumba class or whatever,' she said." … Read More

The Peak at Mt Kanimbla: luxury accommodation Blue Mountains