Friday, December 01, 2017

Royal Commission - Banks and Financial Services

Meghan Markle’s U.S. Citizenship Could Cause Tax Headaches For British Royal Family:

It may seem like a modern fairy tale, but the upcoming wedding of Britain's Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle will come with some mundane hurdles. Perhaps most inconveniently for the British royals, this transatlantic partnership could end up involving the United States' Internal Revenue Service

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Royal Commission - Banks and Financial Services

Attachment Draft Terms of Reference The Turnbull Government will establish a Royal Commission into the alleged misconduct of Australia’s banks and other financial services entities. All Australians have the right to be treated honestly and fairly in their dealings with banking, superannuation and financial services providers. The highest standards of conduct are critical to the good governance and corporate culture … 

Malcolm Turnbull backflips on banking royal commission  ...

A poorly thought-out federal ICAC could be a band-aid on a bullet wound.
What structure and powers should a federal ICAC have? The wrong watchdog could be counterproductive, warns public sector law expert John Wilson

Sam Dastyari: Senate motion to compel Chinese donor meeting explanation

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  • ATO to wage war on bikies

    Tax commissioner Chris Jordan has unveiled a plan to give motorcycle gangs the “Al Capone treatment”.

    How Trump has become America's conspiracy-theorist-in-chief

    BEHIND the walls of the White House, Donald Trump is attempting to rewrite history.

    The Hill op-ed:  Senate Bill Would Enshrine International Tax Gimmicks, by Chris Sanchirico (Pennsylvania):
    The version of the GOP tax plan that came charging out of the Senate Finance committee just before Thanksgiving break — the version the full Senate takes up this week, and the version most likely to become law — reads like it was written in a rush. This is especially true of the several diverse provisions ostensibly designed to prevent U.S. multinationals from avoiding tax on their foreign earnings.
    Those sections, like so many paintballs shot at a wall, present no clear pattern. But step back, tilt your head, and squint: you’ll see that even all the splotches taken together do not in fact put a stop to the tax games that multinationals presently play. Instead they codify and sanctify them. ...

    ATO's Chris Jordan: tough cop on the tax beat