Thursday, October 12, 2017

TRACTORS: HOLLYWOOD COLD RIVER ENDING: Harvey Weinstein Has Destroyed Hollywood — Now What?

How America Turned a Blind Eye to China’s Growing Naval Power The National Interest. “China doesn’t need to command sea or sky, either partially or wholly, to prevail in a trial of arms.”

Russian views on the separatist referendums in Spain and Iraq The Saker

HOLLYWOOD ENDING: Harvey Weinstein Has Destroyed Hollywood — Now What?

Media Dragons know you never go full Polanski

REMEMBER, IT’S ONLY SEXIST TO SUGGEST THAT HORMONES MAKE WOMEN BEHAVE IRRATIONALLY:  Raging Bull: First study to find link between testosterone and stock market instability.

Of course, as InstaPundit co-blogger John Tierney wrote almost 20 years ago, too little testosterone can be bad for the markets too

SODOM-ON-THE-PACIFIC:  Corey Feldman on Elijah Wood Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: “I Would Love to Name Names.”

Julian Assange Told Young Catalans What Chat Apps To Use To Avoid Spanish Authorities The Buzzfeed (TF). The story isn’t the personalities, but the way the activists set up their network

Vladimir Putin: Computer Genius? Andrew Cockburn, Truthdig

Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’ NYT. James Fallows: “Corker is head of ForRel cmmittee. Will be in office till Jan 2019. Will have vote on tax, Iran, Russ investig, Mueller, etc.”

Déjà Voodoo Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate

The Uber Game FT. “Can you make it in the gig economy?” Worth playing

Oo, what's that you've got on? Chanel No. 5? Anthrax? This trendy wearable would know Juliane Sempionatto, Joseph Wang and researchers at University of California San Diego are developing a wearable ring for alerting police, airport screening officials, military personnel or consumers to liquid and vapour chemical threats. A paper describing a device prototype appears in ACS Sensors.
They've only gone and made a chemical-threat-detecting ring

Scam leaves 245 out of pocket as court orders Plutus wind up
by Joanna Mather

More than 200 contractors caught up in the Plutus Payroll scheme have claimed $837,000 in unpaid wages and superannuation from liquidators, court documents reveal.

Scam leaves 245 out of pocket as court orders Plutus wind up |

  • Multinational companies are using this loophole to avoid millions in corporation tax 

  • Ebay paid £1.6m in UK tax while reporting $1.3bn in revenue 

  • IMF: higher taxes for rich will cut inequality without hitting growth

  • Dutch government rolls out carpet for business with tax cuts 

  • Thomas Piketty - Suppression of the wealth tax: an historical error 

  • Blow to campaign for transparency of beneficial ownership of companies: UK govt won't ban nominee shareholdings

  • Accountancy and law professional bodies act as money laundering regulators but are not subject to Freedom of Information laws

  • The multimillionaires making a packet out of Britain's gamblers 

  • Ghana bank official fights sacking for 'money laundering'

  • 'The King of Ghana gave me £350,000 & I took it to the bank in taxi,' sacked bank official claims - Jersey, London implicated  in money launderin

  • Facebook and Twitter could be hit by new tax as part of Government crackdown

  • Three quarters of Americans favor higher taxes for wealthy 

  • Swedish court rules Bombardier employee not guilty of bribery 


  • Amazon faces US tax bill after European ruling 

  • Fair Taxation: Commission welcomes new rules to resolve tax disputes

  • The Link Between Economic Growth and Tax Cuts Is Tenuous 

  • Stagecoach Tax  Avoidance Scheme : UK Govt won't recover legal costs even when judges say that tax avoidance scheme was unlawful

  • Airbnb paid £188000 in UK tax last year 

  • VAT is refunded to some UK tourists, govt has no idea of the cost of this tax relief

  • Since 2010, only 10 people have been successfully convicted for breaching UK Money Laundering Regulations

  • Think tax is gender neutral? Think again 

  • New Toolkit Aims to Curb Transfer Mispricing in African Mining 

  • How North Korea Uses Front Companies to Help Evade Sanctions 

  • The incidence of corporate taxation and its implications for tax progressivity 

  • Cereal giant Kellogg's paid no corporation tax in 2016 despite £900MILLION sales

  • Emmanuel Macron to introduce new tax on expensive jewellery, supercars and luxury yachts  

  • Lorry drivers stung over accounting firm 'tax dodge' 

  • Australia's Commonwealth Bank hit with class action suit over money-laundering rule breaches

  • Former Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho handed seven-month prison sentence for tax fraud in Spain

  • Amazon's Sales Tax Fight Is Heating Up as States Crack Down 

  • Irish tax break scheme 'will attract top talent from Britain after Brexit'

  • Taxation Tests European Unity 

  • OECD BEPS and Tax Avoidance Industry at Work: How ordinary loans become surprise hybrids

  • Tax Competition or Tax War? 

  • In New Lawsuit, Corporations Band Together to Stop Consumers from Banding Together

  • Republicans Worry About Keeping Trump's Middle-Class Tax Promise

  • America's tax plan is not worth its name