Tuesday, August 09, 2016

 'World's Highest-Paid Writers' and Lobbyists

Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost how it feels about dogs.

~ Christopher Hampton ( Develish characters )

Are publishers obsolete? - Creating Passionate MEdiaDragons ...

John Oliver: ‘The media is a food chain which would fall apart without local writers and local newspapers’

Moskva: The Central House of Writer

The Central House of Writers, known by its Russian name “Tsentralny Dom Literatorov” (TsDL), has witnessed a whole lot of history. It’s therefore only fitting that the Art Nouveau mansion’s new restaurant offers an elegant nod to the past. 
Moscow Literary Restaurant as  feast fit for a Tstar

*I was interviewed by ‘Last Week Tonight.’ Here’s why the show is journalism:
Oh, you can kiss me on a Monday
A Monday, a Monday is very, very good
Or you can kiss me on a Tuesday
A Tuesday, a Tuesday, in fact I wish you would
Or you can kiss me on a Wednesday
A Thursday, a Friday and Saturday is best
But never, never on a Sunday
A Sunday, a Sunday, 'cause that's my day of rest

        'World's Highest-Paid Authors' 

       Forbes has once again reckoned The World's Highest-Paid Authors 2016 -- though please note:
Earnings estimates are compiled by examining print, ebook and audiobook sales from Nielsen BookScan figures, considering TV and movie earnings and talking to authors, agents, publishers and other experts.
       So these are very rough numbers ..... Pre-tax, too. 
       James Patterson is far and away the top-earner. 
       What is interesting: the top 15 all write in English. 
       [Note that there is a link to what is supposedly a Full list: The World’s Highest-Paid Authors 2016 -- but this link is not to a 'list' as anyone understands the word; no, it's one of those obnoxious click-through 'slide-shows'.] 

Tired of Waiting for Corporate High-Speed Internet, Minnesota Farm Towns Build Their Own TruthOut 

Intellectuals are Freaks The Smart Set suggests they read a lot ;-)

       At The New York Times' Well Nicholas Bakalar reports on a study appearing in the September issue of Social Science & Medicine [abstract/summary], suggesting that reading 'books' "is tied to a longer   Life.

   I'm naturally suspicious -- and annoyed not to be able to read the study in full -- but supposedly: "researchers controlled for those factors as well as age, race, self-reported health, depression, employment and marital status", so .....        Anyway, I love the 'Highlights' of the study -- and the way they're phrased -- including: Book reading provides a survival advantage among the elderly Books are more advantageous for survival than newspapers/magazines        Not sure I want to be counted among the 'elderly' but, hey, you gotta grab those survival advantages where you can !        (As to books being "more advantageous for survival than newspapers/magazines" -- well, come on, what isn't more advantageous than dead media ?)

Data is political — use it responsibly, argue experts at this year’s Technology in Government conference. More conversations are needed about potential savings and benefits to the public, such as NSW’s FuelCheck.
Data is extremely valuable. Many people were surprised when Microsoft offered to buy LinkedIn earlier this year for US$26 billion. But as Steven Wilson, VP of Constellation Research pointed out, LinkedIn’s user data on 450 million registered members can drive many insights into Microsoft’s core customer base, justifying the hefty price tag. Opening up the potential of existing data in government

"In an interview with (this week's) Four Corners, Mr Abbott said the NSW Liberal Party was now a less representative party, "easily controlled" by factional warlords.
"Some of these factional warlords have a commercial interest in dealing with politicians whose pre-selections they can influence. Now this is a potentially corrupt position", he told the program Tony Abbott warns lobbyists creating potential for corruption

Tony Abbott warns lobbyists creating 'potential for corruption' in NSW Liberal Party ABC Online

Abbott says lobbyists dominating Liberal party faction could lead to corruption

Tony Abbott hits out at Liberal Party's 'factional warlords'

Abbott hits out at NSW Liberal lobbyists