Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Oddest Divide: why history repeats itself

Stephen King warned that the widening wealth gap and sense of “entitlement” between older generations and cash-strapped youths had echoes of the conditions which led to the 1381 uprising of British peasants against the aristocrats who ruled them Europe’s rich 'could face uprising similar to Peasants' Revolt'

Figures show the number of Newstart recipients increased by almost 19 per cent - to 685,000 people - in the year to May Poor falling through the gaps in our rich and lucky country

Even now it amazes and annoys me: that until the moment Art Cooper told me to write the fucking story, it had never even occurred to me to use in my published work the voice in which I had been speaking to myself for years. That is, it hadn’t occurred to me to publish work…in my own voice. How stupid is that? All this is to say that this story, or rather the editorial injunction that birthed it, taught me that a vivid writing voice is less a matter of talent—far less—than license.My Body Stopped Speaking to Me