Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank You, Strike Again

The definition of recession Is when your neighbour loses his job. Depression takes place when you lose your job. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, fear of death focuses the mind wonderfully.

How low-wage service workers are changing the face of labor. Last year, Crawford joined the “Fight for 15” campaign, a labor and community-supported project that aims to improve conditions for workers in Chicago’s central business districts. The campaign demands a $15 minimum wage and the right to form unions without interference from management Thank You, Strike Again Apple, Walmart and McDonald's all underpay their workers, but who pinches the most pennies? Where Are Workers Most Underpaid: Apple, Wal-Mart or McDonald’s?

Worker centers and other non-union labor organizations have grown immensely over the past two decades, with some in the labor movement hoping their growth will help revive a moribund labor movement. It was perhaps inevitable, then, that the same forces working for decades to destroy unions are now launching an attack on worker centers. Big Business Aims to Crush Worker Centers

When water becomes scarce, conservatives become environmentalists. If any problem is potent enough to overcome conservatives’ animus against government, it might be water scarcity. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, fear of death focuses the mind wonderfully Water of the Never Never