Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lightning Strikes Everyday to Bhangra Beat

There is a correlation with Slavic folk dance tradition and Indian folk dance tradition.
Dance is believed to have the power to end wars and make women fertile. Tatranka goral folk dance had a higher purpose than just entertainment. These traditions, like all art forms, have their functions. It is not mere dance. It is not mere play. It has a function in the society. These folk dances serve purposes beyond the performance itself. They are to placate the gods of nature to make the crops grow and animals healthy. Epidemics like smallpox were eradicated by dance performances.
"They were used for eradicating bad spirits and resolving disputes between groups. Fragile communities conserve their heritage through rituals, folk arts, crafts and performance that are passed on from one generation to the next

A Bollywood film is a combination of singing, dancing, fights, hardcore action and kissing sequences — it has everything ... Shakespeare might have called this Much Ado About Nothing Except the Dance. Every few minutes a group of brightly dressed dancers emerges from over a hill behind a tent to rock us to that bhangra beat "I no make him roti so he eat an onion" ~~~ How does one even begin to describe "Benny Lava phenomenon" when it is hard to even comprehend it Antipodeans, Amerikans even Europeans go crazy for Vennila AKA Benny Lava