Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tomorrow's going to be a better day - Cold War is in the ancient past

Billy Bragg's a brilliant songwriter. And a great guy. Here's a cut from his new Tooth and Nail album

It is much easier after the event to sort the relevant signals from the irrelevant signals. After the event, of course, a signal is always crystal clear; we can now see what disaster it was signaling since the disaster has now occurred. But before the event it is obscure and pregnant with conflicting meanings. It comes to the observer embedded in an atmosphere of 'noise', i.e. in all sorts of information that is useless and irrelevant for predicting the disaster." - Creating the world of tomorrow with the power of future thinking. Imagination may be more important than knowledge ...

The CWIS Collection is a print archive containing over 1,000 congressional hearings, reports and committee prints, published between 1934-1976, dealing with congressional investigations of organizations deemed "subversive" or "un-American". For more about the CWIS Collection, please visit our LibGuide. We have also created a CWIS Blog, in order to highlight interesting and important documents from the collection, as well as key topics and the broader historical context for these materials. The first post features baseball star Jackie Robinson's July 1949 testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee. The CWIS Collection is part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries' Collaborative Federal Depository Program." Annoucing the Cold War & Internal Security Collection

The Designs of the Year awards is bestowed by the London Design Museum and described as the ‘Oscars of the design world’. Entries for this year’s award included Thomas Heatherwick’s fantastic Olympic Cauldron, the Raspberry Pi Computer, The Shard, and a collection by Louis Vuitton. The list is eclectic, but what is even more incredible is who walked away with the big prize on the night. GOV.UK, a new single platform government website bagged the top award The Designs of the Year awards

FB Checker is a nifty desktop utility that is compatible with computers running Windows. This freeware application helps you determine whether or not the Facebook profiles you are visiting are fake. FB Checker: A Desktop App To Find Out If a Facebook Profile Is Fake

Now Bushnell has co-authored a book about finding the right creative minds for your company. Though Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent, is titled after Jobs (publishing needs marketing after all), it is less about him and more about finding the right creative minds for your company.

We need more elastic environments. Not just in urban cities, but in business. An elastic environment is a place that can be used for multiple purposes by different kinds of people. The concept of elastic environments embodies our culture of constant change. It symbolizes our potential to be free and open to new ideas. Here are some ideas of how to bring the spirit of elastic environments to your work Tear Down the Walls