Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fables of Abundance

"'But Larry,' she smiled. 'People have been asking those questions for thousands of years. If they could be answered, surely they'd have been answered by now.'
"Larry chuckled.
"'Don't laugh as if I'd said something idiotic,' she said sharply. "'On the contrary I think you've said something shrewd. But on the other hand you might say that if men have been asking them for thousands of years it proves that they can't help asking them and have to go on asking them.'"
~ Somerset Maugham, The Razor's Edge

What is loneliness? It’s not solitude or what Kierkegaard called “shut-upness.” It’s an interior experience. And it can kill Media Dragons Bohemian Elphicks in a waiting room for God

“All history is the history of unintended consequences,” says Jackson Lears. Good-intentioned efforts lead to self-defeating outcomes. “That’s the tragedy” Fables of Abundance

What is charm? Some mysterious cocktail of wit, wisdom, worldliness, civility. But this much we know: Charm is a virtue in decline America of Charm

Nikolai Gogol was a connoisseur of the bizarre, the madcap. His masterpiece, Dead Souls, is a book that is better for being unfinished... Surging Russians

Whither thug lit? Wahida Clark served nine years in prison and wrote three best-sellers. She lives the life she writes about. Her genre peers, not so much.Strange Life; Pankaj Mishra encountered Edmund Wilson’s works in a termite-infested Indian library. Epiphany! A story sure to entice New York publishers Empire States

Are criminals made or born? Consoder history of robbery, rape, and murder. Can neuroscience explain why we have such creepy characters among us McKay