Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Internet is also full of untrustworthy sources ...

Data Driven Comparison Platform "When it comes to researching big purchases—from smartphones to enterprise software—there are plenty of valuable sources online to help. However, the Internet is also full of untrustworthy, biased information cluttered with advertising influence. Instead of making it easier to choose, online information often confuses more than it helps. We created FindTheData to give consumers and businesses peace of mind, knowing they can access the most current, unbiased and easy-to-understand data. We cover hundreds of categories, from colleges to ski resorts to business insurance and even dog breeds...We obtain our information from three sources: Public databases, primary sources (manufacturer websites) and expert sources." FindTheData ; Brainpicking for writers

Guess what's making a comeback? Physical objects. You spent the last decade digitizing your life and suddenly paper and plastic are back on the radar. Why the move back to the material world? People miss the romance and sensory appeal of objects. There's an emotional void that digital has created and it's an opportunity for brands to create amazing connections with their consumers...Let's Get Real & Physical

Politicians are the "after-dinner mints" of society. After-dinner mints are a pleasant addition to a meal but not an essential component of it. Similarly, politicians have become more and more marginal to the running of a modern western society. Are politicians our country's last set of amateurs?

The articles in The Australian (18-4-13) summarising papers to be presented to the global food forum should be read with great concern by all farmers and Australians. They display a very concerning level of “ ignorance” ( the ultimate rural putdown ) about the current agricultural situation in Australia.
On Monday (15-4-13) 1000 wheat farmers met at Merredin in WA to show their concern about their future and to ask Governments to address the unsustainable financial position of the WA wheat industry. The Premier ( Colin Barnett ) replied by saying some must go. How many more farmers does Australia wish to go ? Let's get our own house in order before we try to feed the world Food bowl or food quarry ?