Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't expect me to be sane anymore: I say this is a wild dream ...

TT: Almanac "Authors give away their books like drug barons give free snorts, hoping to start an expensive addiction."
Reginald Hill, Death's Jest-Book (courtesy of Mrs. T)

All I have written now appears to me as so much straw." - Thomas Aquinas

Don't expect me to be sane anymore. Don't let's be sensible. It was a marriage at Louveciennes—you can't dispute it. I came away with pieces of you sticking to me; I am walking about, swimming, in an ocean of blood, your Andalusian blood, distilled and poisonous. Everything I do and say and think relates back to the marriage. I saw you as the mistress of your home, a Moor with a heavy face, a negress with a white body, eyes all over your skin, woman, woman, woman. I can't see how I can go on living away from you—these intermissions are death. How did it seem to you when Hugo came back? Was I still there? I can't picture you moving about with him as you did with me. Legs closed. Frailty. Sweet, treacherous acquiescence. Bird docility. You became a woman with me. I was almost terrified by it. You are not just thirty years old—you are a thousand years old. I say this is a wild dream