Monday, February 18, 2013

New Live Anger of Music: Sarah Blasko aka Blaskow

Come down to the ocean
Come down and I'll baptise you
To the ocean once more

Come lay down in the soil of youth
Come lay down where you and I were born
In the soil of youth I'll bury you
I'll bury you once more

Come now to a foreign land
Come now, we'll start again
In a foreign land we'll start again
We'll start again once more

-Bury This By Blaskow

Sarah Blasko has some anger in her. It may seem an incongruous thing to think amid this rather beautiful concert, which never overplayed its somewhat larger hand (a 40-piece orchestra joined her four-piece band) but always felt pitched higher and richer Anger really is an energy

As she prepared for her I Awake national tour with orchestras, she and musical partner Nick Wales were creating the soundtrack to Rafael Bonachela's new work Emergence, one of three new pieces for his latest Sydney Dance Company program, De Novo. Yet the prodigiously talented artist maintains her customary cool, the picture of grace under pressure, even as she recovers from a throat issue. IT'S crazy times for Sarah Blasko; THE Sydney Opera House and YouTube last night and tonight got together to broadcast online Sarah Blasko’s performance with the Sydney International Orchestra. Blasko performed at the iconic Sydney landmark on the back of success of her latest album I Awake, as part of the Music at the House 2013 series. Sarah's dad, the inimitable Nikolai David Blaskow was in the audience sitting in front of us and even Bohemian and Bulgarian dragons did not think her dad was as emotional as Malchkeon when Sarah sang for him the lovely tune of Bury This ... Something of a revelation

Sarah Blasko Bury This - I Awake

Time is a river, a violent current of events,
glimpsed once and already carried past us,
and another follows and is gone.
-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations