Monday, February 04, 2013

House Hunting in Strange Lands

Foreign buyers are snapping up real estate in Australian cities and this trend is set to continue。 According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data, international investors own a record $2 trillion of Australian financial assets. Property development is an art, that is why every developer is not equal ; Around a quarter of Asian property investors wants to buy Australian real estate, according to a survey of visitors to major Asian property-buying websites. Australia is desirable for its minimal time-zone difference and close proximity, and its perception as having a resilient economy. Australia’s high dollar has not appreciated as much against Asian currencies as it has against the US dollar and euro Asian buyers set sights on Australian property

Freedom's just a hop away:Trend of overseas buyers investing in Kangaroo Island set to continue Overseas buyers hungry for House Hunting in ...

O verseas investors' appetite for Sydney nonfictional estate sharpened in 2012。 Australia, for its part, tightened its rules in 2010 to ensure that investment in its market by foreign non-residents “doesn’t place pressure on housing availability for Australians.” Understanding what’s sparking demand in real estate can offer insights into the health of the market and what’s driving prices, and to better predict cycles – by knowing, for example, how a slowdown in China’s economy might affect local markets.

Unlike in other countries such as the United States and Australia, neither the Canadian federal government nor industry keeps track of the numbers of foreign buyers or where they come from. Anecdotal evidence about foreign buyers abounds, yet hard evidence is lacking. Rumours are rife about foreign buyers. In Toronto, Russian and Iranian buyers, flush with cash, are snapping up condos. In Vancouver, Chinese investors are buying luxury apartments. In the Maritimes, wealthy Americans and Europeans are acquiring coastal vacation property.

Crucial bit of missing information may be driving home prices ; Australian-listed property is having a remarkable resurgence. Last year it was the best-performing sector of the Australian sharemarket, with a total return of almost 33 per cent compared with 20 per cent from the broader market Rising trust in property [ Some have access to all new and “hidden” listings that may be suitable for you; Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) ]

• · OFFSHORE buyers are expected to come to the rescue of Sydney's ailing prestige market this year, with new visa arrangements targeting wealthy Chinese just one of the remedies. Visa change helps foreign buyers target trophy homes ; Partners Group's Sydney-based managing director Martin Scott says many of the investment opportunities emerging in the real-estate secondary market are in Australia. Wheels turning the deals behind the deals

• · · FOREIGN countries are "secretly" buying up large chunks of NSW farmland by establishing shelf companies, trust funds, and extended settlements to avoid scrutiny. Australia is the great foreign-owned land as more NSW farms being sold overseas; Chinese developers are starting to venture overseas, chasing wealthy locals who are buying apartments from New York to Sydney as the government restrains the property market at home China Developers Chase Rich Buyers Abroad Amid Curbs at Home

• · · · One by one all the money-laundering loopholes in a broke world are coming to an end. First it was Swiss bank accounts … Now, it is the turn of real estate. While hardly a secret, for decades the ultra-luxury housing segment in any country was the target not so much of local wealthy individuals and business, but foreigners, for whom the grass was always greener, and sought to put their money into "hard assets" abroad to save it from local confiscation. Is The Money-Laundering Driven Real Estate "Boom" Ending? ; Money Laundering Activities Related to Residential Real Estate Straw buyers ; Cash-loaded Chinese are flooding California's high-end home markets and U.S. brokers are in heaven over that situation. Many of the deals are reported to be all-cash transactions Chinese Buyers Boosting California's Housing Market

• · · · · Foreign buyers are restricted to one home, for their own use only, with additional property buying hurdles in Beijing and Shanghai Property buying hoops in China; THE South Australian Tourism Commission says freedom isn't a state of mind, it's an island - Kangaroo Island. It's other claim - that the island was "Australia's first free settlement, with sealers, escaped convicts and runaway sailors calling the island home" - may also well be true. Kangaroo Island: Freedom's just a hop away; TWELVE private jets ferrying multi-generational families from New York to the wild coasts of Kangaroo Island over Christmas was enough to inspire entrepreneurs James and Hayley Baillie to expand their portfolio of luxury tourism properties into Victoria Holy Days fot the Rich

• · · · · · Whether the buyer is Czech or foreign, the allure of Prague’s history has always been a factor in its real estate market Prague's Charm Retains Its Value ; Money laundering is undertaken in a number of ways. Criminals may buy and re-sell real estate or luxury items such as cars or jewellery. They may pass money through a complex and intertwined web of legitimate businesses and ‘shell’ companies. They may use businesses that send money overseas and operate in a similar way to conventional banking systems without being subject to the same level of regulation. They may use a number of people to carry out small transactions or cash smuggling to avoid alerting authorities. They may even gamble