Sunday, February 10, 2013

All These Years, and Now…

“Every book is the wreck of a perfect idea.”
- Iris Murdoch (we are not always proud of ourselves for liking this quote But ...)

What state are literary journals in? How are they changing? Those questions were at the heart of a discussion led by the editors of the White Review, Jacques Testard and Benjamin Eastham, at the launch of Issue Six at Foyles bookshop in Jan 2013 AD - Czech out cream de la cream references such as “Alien vs Predator" by Michael Robbins is considered as being “the most viral poem in the history of the internet” The present and future of literary journals

So it’s Saturday and I have my coffee and a few minutes and I’m a fluttery mess. I’ve had twelve years (with a three year hiatus tucked in there for other bits of life that pulled me away, both literally and figuratively) to write and learn and fail and learn and write a little more, fail a little more, learn and write and… holy hell, it came together. The tumblers fell (some being wrestled and hammered; it was ungainly, trust me) into their places and the lock was un-ed. All these years, and now…

The rack and the iron maiden have got nothing on the torture of writing. Is Writing Torture?

If bestseller status is any indication, it’s time to start joking about Hitler. Or is it? Hitler satire a controversial but unoriginal hit

Erika Dreifus reexamines Holocaust Literature

Selling used cold River? How’s that gonna work? Amazon Poised to Sell Used E-books of Cold River
Relationships between writers and publishers are fraught, marked by mutual admiration and mutual suspicion. Consider Thomas Bernhard and Siegfried Unseld Safety Net