Friday, February 08, 2013

Ze Sydney Society

"It is not the clear-sighted who lead the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm mental fog."
Our Polish konnection - Jozef aka Joseph Conrad, Victory

It's no surprise to Gerardo Robledillo that Sydney and Melbourne are the third and equal fourth most expensive cities in the world. The computer scientist is Spanish, lives in Prague, and has never been to Australia. But his website,, compiles cost of living rankings for cities crowdsourced from expatriates all over. And ''almost every single person writing from Australia complains about the cost of living there'', he says. Sydney and it's Society

In play an adult can become like a child, fully absorbed in the here-and-now. Play, not work, brings us fully to life...
When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But when I became a man I put away childish things

Finding a niche in life, work, and livelihood... The economy goes up and down throughout history. Even when the economy overall is booming, a significant portion of people in the world suffer financially. When the overall economy is struggling, numerous people still do well financially. The factors causing a sizeable percentage of people's financial fortunes to be opposite the tide of the overall economy are many, and are the topic for another blog article. Today's blog article is about improving one's prospects for earning a living in the law by finding a niche in life and the law
  The Dalai Lama has spoken of finding a way to be happy right now, no matter where one is in life and work. I agree. As a response to those studying accounting to earn a living even if they abhor the idea of being an accountant, Bill Evans underlined how when we take care of the music, the music takes care of us. When a lawyer takes the best care s/he can of clients while always improving as a lawyer, his or her law practice will take better care of the lawyer By Jon Katz, a criminal defense lawyer