Thursday, November 22, 2012

Magic Keywords: Thanks of Giving at Citizen's Corner

Scientists have uncovered water in Australia that is thought to be more than 1,000,000 years old. Vintage drop - our oldest water found
The singer is more important than the song: What makes stories memorable and ensures their spread around the globe? Tania, Irena and Dominique will answer this questions tonight at Citizen's Corner filled with all sound and fury ...

In a nutshell, media dragons are serious comedians, artists who know that in most human lives, absurdity and sorrow are woven together too tightly to be teased apart--and that it is comedy, not tragedy, which illustrates that fact most fully. Life is too complex to be painted solely in shades of black. Even as Shakespeare made room in Lear for the Fool, so does A media dragon make room in his theatrical sermons for the pungent humor that, as Henry James so truly said, is the saving salt.

When is personalized search not personalized search? A recently discovered shift on how Google may alter your search results based on what you — and others in aggregate — previously have searched for may have you wondering how to answer that question. To understand the latest development, I think it’s helpful to go back and review the “flavors” of personal search that Google has, flavors that often all get mixed together. Let’s dive in. Of “Magic Keywords” & Flavors Of Personalized Search At Google

UK's 'last typewriter' produced;

An App That Turns Any Surface Into An iPhone Keyboard Innovation Engine

Digital staffing: the future of recruitment-by-algorithm Recruiters will deem candidates unemployable if they fail to find information about them online. Unless you are hiding an undesirable history or do not exist, you are now expected to have an online profile. The big implication is that you need to invest a considerable amount of time managing your digital reputation. The only thing worse than not having a profile is having an undesirable profile. Indeed, your chances of being headhunted online are inversely related to the amount of inappropriate self-disclosure found in your Facebook or Twitter profile. Egosurfing - self-googling - is now more important than updating your CV Unless you are hiding an undesirable history or do not exist, you are now expected to have an online profile

Thanksgiving History
The man behind The Man: how a strategist called Jim got Barack Obama back into the White House