Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Resisting Amazon On Cup of Melbourne

Resisting Amazon - A Few Unintended Consequences For The Behemoth "'At a certain point you have to decide how far you want to nail your own coffin shut,' said Michael Tucker, owner of the Books Inc. chain here. Amazon wants to completely control the entire book trade. You're crazy if you want to play that game with them.' Unintended monopoly

Pay-What-You-Want E-Book Bundle Makes $1M In Two Weeks "An experiment from major authors including Neil Gaiman and Cory Doctorow, which allows readers to pay the price of their choice for a collection of ebooks, has shattered all expectations, racking up sales of more than $1.1m (£700,000) in under two weeks." Cold River Echos

How To Write A Book In A Month (Many Do!) "It's hard to explain the program - and even tougher to describe why anyone would sign up to create 1,667 words a day (that's the pace you need to maintain to finish on time) - and yet it's become phenomenally popular, with an estimated 300,000 writers from around the world participating this year Words words words ...

Ian McEwan On The Novella: 'The Perfect Form Of Prose Fiction' "It is the beautiful daughter of a rambling, bloated ill-shaven giant (but a giant who's a genius on his best days). And this child is the means by which many first know our greatest writers. Readers come to Thomas Mann by way of Death in Venice, Henry James by The Turn of the Screw, Kafka by Metamorphosis, Joseph Conrad by Heart of Darkness." Kafka et al

Publishing Industry In Trouble? Uh... No For all the complexities that publishing faces, the notion that books are somehow less of a factor in the cultural or information ecosystem of our time doesn't hold up to the evidence Facts of Publishing Life