Sunday, November 11, 2012

Renaissance Man visits Bluest Mountains

His paintings are not beautiful. They spark no great emotion and can be fiendish to untangle. But what they do show is rare technical ability. Beneath the megalomania is a man who knew exactly how to use his brush, combining expert Flemish-style accuracy with the showy baroque of Old Master painting. "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans", 1936, shows Dalí's savage vision of his country during the Spanish civil war. A fleshy, decomposing figure rips itself apart against a sky that is almost Raphael-like. He said: "I am a man of the Renaissance, I would sign a pair of pants if someone commissioned me to. Renaissance Media Dragon

Note to myself Michael finished his 9 years and 6 months project in Blue mountains ... Alchemy at Surry Hills and Jenny are pleased

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