Thursday, November 29, 2012

Magic of seven wonders of the world: The Strangers Who Resemble Us

With an escape across the iron curtain on Seventh of the Seventh, seven wonders of the world, seven deadly sins, and seven days of the week, one could be forgiven for thinking the numeral seven had special significance to humans. 7; “Even my death will be contested,” said Albert Camus. He was right. The pensive existentialist remains a discomfiting but indispensable presence...

Why do hundreds of people attend a conference called “Boring”? Because banality is appealing, especially when it approaches absurdity... Surprisingly Interesting

Keats was firm about what makes great literature. A poet must dwell in uncertainty, he said, “without any irritable reaching after fact and reason” This Strange and Contradictory Media Dragon; Take a page from the heartfelt and ribald correspondence of Sherwood Anderson, Theodore Dreiser, and Wharton Esherick What makes a good friend?