Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They were bolder in 2005 than perhaps at any other time since 1994 Down The Middle. The media are brimming with profiles of potential 2008 presidential contenders, but these stories rarely expose who is behind the image-selling -- the "brand managers" who create campaigns Profiles In Plastic

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: SYMPOSIUM: A Decade of Howard Government (23 Feb 2006)
Affirmation of ‘the family’ as ‘the most important institution in our society’ (Howard 2005) has been a consistent claim and political touchstone of the Howard Government.

In the aftermath of World War Two, Australia carved out a unique position in the international trade regime, developing an independence and influence that belied the size and structure of its economy (see Capling 2001). During the 1970s and 1980s, Australian governments capitalised on this position to vigorously promote a more inclusive, development-friendly multilateral trading order. This was a bold move in the face of the discriminatory bilateralism and aggressive unilateralism of the world’s largest economies, particularly the United States. With the election of the Howard Government in 1996, however, this proud historical trajectory was to change. We examine the systematic reversal of Australia’s fiercely independent stance, a reversal that symbolises the country’s shift from player to pawn—America’s pawn—in the international trade regime.

• Howard the politician speaks quite adroitly about women as both paid workers and carers Howard’s ‘Choice’ [In the global struggle for the advancement of human rights, the United Nations has reached a defining moment How principles defeated politics : Nikita Khrushchev gave his secret speech to the 20th Party Congress in the Kremlin fifty years ago... Robert Conquest ... Wm. Taubman... Anne Applebaum ... Claire Bigg ... Roy Medvedev... Jeremy Page ... Boris Kagarlitsky ... John Rettie ... Nina Khrushcheva ... Tom Parfitt ... Richard Bruner... and what an electrifying speech it was. Carlin Romano on why Cold-War cultural tactics should be a hot topic Battle of Khartoon ; Khrushchev’s speech]
• · Establish a royal commission and someone will drop the cliché that governments only appoint commissions when they know what the answer is going to be Royal Commissions bite back ; Were you as thrilled as I was when you learned that Google was resisting the government's efforts to obtain its Web-search data? Gmail Intuition
• · · We are about to repeat history with a period of significant increase in unemployment. You might think, “How is that possible? Everybody is talking about the lack of skills in Australia.” Creatively creating jobs; Compulsory super - not so super duper: No guts, no guile and no glory
• · · · A look at how much about the ambassadorial lifestyle has changed. The past is another country, they say, and it is hard to find your way back Diplomatic baggage ; Goodness knows what had happened between them. But I post this because it underscores the fact that women just aren't safe in this society, not even from the men who claim to love them. Not even when they are pregnant: Compliments of the hard core irony of my life - Gerardo Barranquero ; via soulful Gianna
• · · · · As Stevens puts it: 'There’s no such thing as a career path anymore – it’s crazy paving, you lay it yourself.' In order to lay a path you need stones. For a career path the stones are relevant work experience and continuous development of key skills Portfolio Careerism: Are You Ready ? ; Some heroes get pulled and pushed around, long after they are pushing up daisies
• · · · · · Blogging about pregnant Barranqueros, it should be noted that unlike mothers at Thirroul across the Pacific ocean French women might not get fat, but they are getting pregnant in increasing numbers. That is because in recent years French Governments have poured money into income and other support for those who have children. French lessons ; Domestic law punishes individuals who commit crimes, not families, villages, or ethnic groups. Why should international law punish states? Sins of the fatherland