Friday, March 17, 2006

Marvelicious Leprechauns: St. Patrick's Day 2006

In a shady nook one moonlit night,
A leprahaun I spied
In scarlet coat and cap of green,
A cruiskeen by his side.
'Twas tick, tack, tick, his hammer went,
Upon a weeny shoe,
And I laughed to think of a purse of gold,
But the fairy was laughing too.

Tonight all kinds of characters, as strange as Marcus and Ian, will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day at the Iceberg where my Irish Captain Dave Kelly of Wonderland Park fame will be wearing the green stuff and drinking the black stuff. My godmother Sidka chose well for me my very own confirmation name as among the Irish Catholics I am also known as Patrick Imrich while for most green dragons I am just another Jozef who tends to continue the name day celebrations through to 19 March ... The St. Patrick's Day custom came to America in 1737 Irish recipes include corned beef and cabbage, apple mash, Irish soda bread, boxty, and others ...

So have a Happy St. Patrick's Day