Friday, March 10, 2006

THE market has, as it should, started to give David Leckie and his team the credit they deserve for turning around what for so many years was a chronic underperformer - the Seven Network Give Leckie and some women behind his success such as Izzy credit for U-turn :-) : Seven Network’s research manager, Isobel Kerr says Seven has formed relationships outside the immediate business in Australia to ensure Seven maintains its relevance to viewers and advertisers into the future. Seven in heaven

Blue Plate Special combed through the 100 largest sites Blogging at America's 100 Biggest Newspapers : Mr Sapo’s sister Widexplorer

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Who Links to Whom – Stuff for Blogs Stats Addicts
Bill Ives blogs ‘in two ways, as a professional during the week and, on the weekends, as someone who just enjoys stuff, like music and food and does not pretend to be an expert in any of these topics:

So where is the real picture? The links go from a low of 13 in blogrolling to a high of 18,700 in Yahoo!. Who Links to Whom showed the 13 from blogrolling and I know that many are missing here. I would also trust the Google links at 1,310 more that the 18,700 in Yahoo. Ice Rocket, MSN, and Technorati were fairly consistent (148, 164, 187). It is my understanding that Google shows all the active links while Technorati only shows more recent ones were you ar eon the front page of a blog. My rank with Technorati and Alexa Traffic is quite different.

Ranking file [What you are about to read is quite possibly the most serious media story of the year to date. It is a tragedy and a drama that envelops into one great act of Romano-Greek proportions ; Timeline: Employee Headcounts for Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft; Whenever new media tries to replicate old media, it tends to fail. When it takes advantage of the unique social and personal behaviors of this new medium, it does pretty well Deja Vu All Over Again ]
• · Amazing Dulance ; How often can you use a little link love to help reveal government wrongdoing? Maine Office of Tourism Internet Budget was $7,000 a month in 2004
• · · Display your PR , backlinks and pages indexed! Page Rank by Google ; In addition to Media Dragon, another cheeky Ausie blog is featuring as # six on Google; They love Julia Gillard too Larvatus Prodeo
• · · · On the day of my Mum’s unreached birthday the Cultural Ambasador, David Tiley, created a new abode: faster, deeper and always picturesque The Barista Extraordinaire ; A place to come together and spread the word of the zero movement. The zero movement com
• · · · · Sterling language ; DDoS Attacks Target Prominent Blogs
• · · · · · Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers in P.R. Campaign An epiphany, an aha ; The Internet's Dark Side Mistrust never sleeps

Coda: Most savvy infomaniac, like Media Dragon, will be there ;-) as Robert Fisk is in Australia for a very short week to promote his latest book, not entitled Cold War or River, but rather The Great War for Civilization, and he will be speaking in Sydney tonight in the heart of the Prime Minister’s electorate, the Macquarie Theatre. Major kudos to Antony Loewenstein for pulling this one off! Can’t make it to Sydney to hear Robert Fisk speak? No problem! Antony Loewenstein has secured permission for Weez of mashinegun keyboard fame to to digitally record and podcast .
No foreign journalist is more closely identified with the Middle East than the British writer Robert Fisk. None of this has made Fisk notably modest, as the thousand-page heft of his latest book suggests:-) As someone who has dined with Osama bin Laden, Robert Fisk believes he understands a little about the modus operandi of the infamous warlord. A collection of Articles & Reports by Mr. Robert Fisk + Audio & Video