Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The worst thing about Iranian blogs is that they're written in Persian and as far as I know, only a small percentage of readers of this blog can read Persian 'We Are Iran': A book on blogs in Iran

The Blog, The Press, The Media: What Dave Winer said
I love podcasting because it turns us all into investigative journalists of our own lives

A great story on podcasting being created by real folks (and the equipment they use). Not the cliché story on how podcasting has been taken over by big media companies. Also, it seems to have more outbound links embedded in the story than a typical NYT piece

Rex Hammock's Weblog [And Now, the Prosecutor
Critic: Fitz came across as a good guy during press session ; Can journalism survive the digital revolution? Online writers can quickly become slaves to instant ratings The Shlock of the News ; Murdoch: "Oh, the Voice, the bane of my existence!" ]
• · No blogger should get ANY ideas about attacking Forbes Magazine. Nope, NOBODY! Woops I spoke too soon Forbes Magazine is Dumb ; Republican senatorial candidate's campaign describes the doctored photograph as 'gutter racism' Blogger defends doctored pic of Steele in minstrel makeup
• · · The News Media: Novel Strategy Pits Journalists Against Source Lewis Libby ; Teens wear their hearts on their blog
• · · · This is the seventh in a series of "How I Got That Story" interviews featuring the winners of the 2005 AltWeekly Awards Newsman figured something bad would follow his Pulitzer ; I talked with Mike Wallace, whose new memoir, "Between You and Me,'' is about his career as a journalist, by phone on Wednesday. We didn't forge a friendship Wallace gets testy with writer when quizzed about book title
• · · · · All is woe and darkness in the house of media. If you were measuring journalists' public standing on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, right now we're in less-than-zero territory, thanks to The New York Times and its dodgy handling of the Plame spy case The real lesson of NYT scandal isn't that the media are evil ; Seattle Times says VV-New Times deal is bad for democracy
• · · · · · They're seen alternately, if not simultaneously, as egotistical mavericks and missionaries for the common good, dogged and narrowly single-minded, plainly biased and skillfully faceless, self-advancing celebrities and celebrity-proof, demi-saints and fallen sinners Journalists have remained figures of inherent fascination ; When will Tony Ridder stop screwing with the newspapers I love? If Gene Roberts were dead, he'd be rolling in his grave