Sunday, November 20, 2005

We are packed and ready to invade new school and old grounds at Bondi area. Another interesting chapter in our book - as they say the only place where there is no inflation, exitement, emotional rollercoaster is the cemetery. Outside the cemetery life keeps going on and on - no matter what ...

Benjamin Franklin said, "Things that hurt instruct."
Do I think I have to hurt to learn?
-Liz Strauss

I walk. I talk. I trip every now and
then. Occasionally I fall down. I dance
in elevators when no one is looking,
but I will not run for a bus. ME Strauss

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: What does it mean to be a radical?
Radicalism was quite distinct from the modern American usage of radical to denote political extremes of right or left.

The meaning of language is often misunderstood, but the confusion that comes out of the pure ignorance for disregarding history, is boundless. From Wikipedia: the term Radical (latin radix meaning root) has been used since the late 18th century as a label in political science for those favouring or trying to produce thoroughgoing or extreme political reforms which can include changes to the social order to a greater or lesser extent. Historical

Only a reactionary knows best [For many conservatives, the publication of Jesse Helms’s memoirs is a melancholy event. It reminds them of a time when there was one politician they could count on, time and time again, to take lonely stands against polite—i.e., liberal—opinion Here’s Where I Stand: A Memoir, Jesse Helms ; I'd like to burn you at the stake! ]
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