Friday, January 14, 2005

Every movement, every age has its own unique human rights battle. Fifty years ago, blacks fought for their civil rights, then women for theirs, then environmentalists for the right to clean air, water, and food. And now in this age of systematically distorted information, we face a new human rights battle – one that we can no longer ignore. This battle is for the The Right to Communicate It’s a battle for openness, transparency and democracy. It’s about citizens winning real access to the mass media. Czech out the trends ...
A conversation with Bruce Sterling. Everybody's his own smuggler; everybody's got cousins offshore who send money and gifts home. So it's not like a state conspiracy to pilfer; it's more like the Dutch and hashish. You just don't look real hard, and the traffic takes care of itself. A lot of the retailers who are behind the flow of fakes are refugees who lost everything. They were living out of car trunks.
Now they blog and live out of kiosks ..

Literature & Art Across Frontiers: Literary Iceberg On Polish Horizon
Funny Business with the Nobel Prize for Literature: Waldemar Zyszkiewicz sees a common "red thread" (so to speak) of affinity to or even membership in the Communist Party. The Czech Jaroslav Seifert (1984) had a prominent position in the Czech Communist Party. The same was true of José Saramago (1998) in the Portuguese Communist Party, Gao Xingjian (2000) in the Chinese, Dario Fo (1997) in the Italian, and yes, Elfriede Jelinek, last year's winner, in the Austrian.

Finally, an interesting shot that he takes at Imre Kertész and Elfriede Jelinek, the 2002 and 2004 laureates respectively, whom Zyszkiewicz clearly puts into the "just not-bad writers who struck it lucky" category. How is it, he asks, that so many people had never ever heard of these two writers before they came out of nowhere to win the Nobel Prize? - and here is speaking not of the general public but of literary critics, professors, people who should have known about them.

It seems that without any changes wrung out the Swedish Academy by Nature, no author of conservative views has a chance at the Nobel Prize for Literature. Not even if they create an unquestioned masterpiece
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