Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Millions go shopping for comedy while tragedy gets the flicks: If I was ever asked to do a top ten links I lust for this site would easily feature... The notorious Bookslut (smile)
Is the following an appropriate metaphor for my Cold River at Amazon.com? It opened at #509 and within two years it is closing at #1509,000 (smile).
In the Amazon basin, the world’s largest waterlily blooms for just two days. On the fist night, the flower opens, attracting Kafka’s beetles with its scent, pure white colour and warmth - the flower actually heats up. Later that night, the flower closes, trapping the beetles inside but providing them with food. Gradually it changes colour from white to pink to purple.
On the second night, pollen is released onto the beetles, the flower open and the beetles fly off looking for another warm flower, which the pollinate. The first flower then closes and sinks.
So says German photographer Theo Allofs whose Amazonian water lilies can be spied at the Australian Museum (College Street in Sydney)
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Wxhibition

Literature & Art Across Frontiers: A rosier picture all round
If our songs perish,
We'd lose all we cherish;
Living would then be in vain.
(Our Czech Song, 1932)
I have a confession to make. I made the movie Titanic because I thought I could talk the studio into letting me dive and film the real ship, 12,500 feet down in the North Atlantic. I was an avid wreck diver, and it was the ultimate shipwreck. Making the movie itself was actually secondary in my mind

With its robust state and national museums, its hundreds of commercial galleries, its thousands of artists, its ranks of dedicated curators and scholars, and its overflowing art schools, Australian art is too rich and complicated to grasp in a lifetime, let alone a few months.

Comings and goings [ Looking good ]
• · I had my first backrow kiss during a movie by Milos Forman, Like a House on Fire (Hozi, ma panenko), The film you watch on a date can make or break a fledgling relationship; [Let the 100 flowers...' you know, 'Let's open the door and let's see the first courageous people to go through so that we know whom to shoot right away Interview with Milos Forman - the director talks about life during the Cold War and his thoughts on politics]
• · · Millions went shopping for comedy this weekend. With the holiday season bringing families to theaters in droves, it's appropriate that the ultimate family film, Meet the Fockers topped the charts 'Fockers' is king of Christmas films ; [When Gertrude Stein writes: “A shawl is a hat and hurt and a red balloon,” she is redefining these words by contextualizing them in a way that renders their meaning, at first, absurd. But she is not negating meaning, just rearranging it. Language poetry does to twentieth-century poetry what Kabbalah did to medieval Judaism]
• · · · Carl G. Jung: In the subway there is a riddle disguised as a declaration. It is engraved in gray stone on a wall of the station at 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas, atop a staircase to the platform where the B, the D, the F and the V rumble by. There's a twist: we are part of nature, so if we defeat nature, we defeat ourselves. It's like a double negative, a Catch-22. If we win, we lose Nature must not win the game, but she cannot lose
• · · · · As the old line goes: I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. I kid you not I love this show. Tonight, tonight, I will watch the last double episode of Love My Way which was produced in Australia by John Edwards and Claudia Karvan. Without any doubt, like Soprano, this series are filled with classy scripts and excellent cast...The series marked a coming of age for Foxtel and a fitting sign-off for a year in which it successfully introduced a digital service. Love My Way: Like the fox said to the prince, Please.... tame me!