Saturday, December 04, 2004

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The Blog, The Press, The Media: New Novak
Like above a story about Representative Istook, Bob Novak is a very sorry columnist. Only he's never said he was sorry about the Plame episode, even though it was one of his sorriest. Now, before I get myself too tangled up in verbal gymnastics about how being Bob Novak means never having to say you're sorry
Amy Sullivan comes with garlic, sunlight, and a silver bullet at Bob Novak and his world of lackeys. It should be titled "Bob and His Bitches".Novak does not trade in witty prose or expansive theories, but instead offers a glimpse of Washington's innermost power dens. Novak provides the snack food—provocative bits of information from insiders that fill his columns and commentary.
He takes particular glee in inciting—or at least enabling—inter- and intra-party warfare ; [A first-rate cover story on old American-Czech writer Bob Novak; How Novak is constantly being used by his sources ; Fine Line between Source and Jounalist ]
• · Dear Cowards You all should know that the reporters over at the Ukraine state-run channel are braver than you are. Better journalists. Better citizens. You? You're just a bunch of rich hacks with teleprompters. You are unwatchable. You are a sickness spreading over our nation. You disgust me
• · · For a lesson in combating political apathy, this is the way Fast Internet Service for The People
• · · · And to think Amerikans used to make fun of countries that did things like this - asking the director of a filmed version of The Merchant of Venice to black out a background fresco painted by a 16th century artist NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION: Merchant of Venice distributor demands pound of flesh
• · · · · The ABC's director of television is often painted as a sort of Attila the Hun in designer clothes, routinely described as arrogant, tough, abrasive Sandra Levy