Thursday, April 25, 2024

Big four consultants ‘commoditised’, says fast-growing boutique firm

Big four consultants ‘commoditised’, says fast-growing boutique firm

Greens call for consulting reforms PwC tax scandal investigation ongoing Scyne advisory cleared - News Corp drafts in PwC as it deals with Meta cash hole

 Chinese Cities Are Sinking Rapidly NPR

My excellent Conversation with Peter Thiel

Here is the audio, video, and transcript, along with almost thirty minutes of audience questions, filmed in Miami.  Here is the episode summary:

Tyler and Peter Thiel dive deep into the complexities of political theology, including why it’s a concept we still need today, why Peter’s against Calvinism (and rationalism), whether the Old Testament should lead us to be woke, why Carl Schmitt is enjoying a resurgence, whether we’re entering a new age of millenarian thought, the one existential risk Peter thinks we’re overlooking, why everyone just muddling through leads to disaster, the role of the katechon, the political vision in Shakespeare, how AI will affect the influence of wordcels, Straussian messages in the Bible, what worries Peter about Miami, and more.

Why Do My Groceries Cost So Much?Counterpunch

Cops Can Force Suspect To Unlock Phone With Thumbprint, US Court Rules ars technical

Senate reaches deal to pass FISA reauthorization by deadline The Hill

UK digital visas to fully replace physical immigration documents by 2025 Biometric Update

Colorado Bill Aims To Protect Consumer Brain Data New York Times

Business Insider [no paywall]: If you think you’ve been seeing an awful lot more Reddit results lately when you search on Google, you’re not imagining things. The internet is in upheaval, and for website owners the rules of “winning” Google Search have never been murkier. Google’s generative AI search engine is coming from one direction. 

It’s creeping closer to mainstream deployment and bringing an existential crisis for SEOs and website makers everywhere. Coming from the other direction is an influx of posts from Reddit, Quora, and other internet forums that have climbed up through the traditional set of Google links. Data analysis from Semrush, which predicts traffic based on search ranking, shows that traffic to Reddit has climbed at an impressive clip since August. Semrush estimated that Reddit had over 132 million visitors in August 2023. At the time of publishing, it was projected to have over 346 million visitors in April 2024.”